HTH is an active program, not a passive one, as this report from Dalton, Georgia shows. Austin Fowler from the Riverbend church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia, says, “His name is William Holt.”

“He called the church a little over a month ago because he got something in the mail from us(HTH). My grandfather followed up on his phone call. He gave him some DVDs to watch and study. He studied them and said he was doubting his salvation because of what he learned. My grandfather studied with him some more over the past few weeks. He is disabled and cannot work because of his back. Tonight we met before church and I just went through the conversion accounts in Acts and compared them to what he did. And he was baptized tonight! To God be the glory.”

HTH is a great resource for generating good contacts—people who are ready to study the Bible and hear the good news.