Do not get lost in the forest for the trees. If you cannot see the big picture, evangelism will get bogged down in endless programs that do not produce results. Bobby Bates said, “If everything you are doing is evangelism, there is a good chance that nothing you are doing is evangelism.” Evangelism is not busywork, nor is it just living the Christian life. Evangelism is a strategic work that requires clear vision and constant effort. To make it simple, we can express it in five words: Contacts, Prospects, Bible Studies, Baptisms, and New Converts.

  • CONTACTS: Look at the pews, for they are white unto harvest! Each Christian is an instant bridge for dozens, if not hundreds, of souls. We must engage Christians to reach out to their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. This can be achieved by using compassion cards, benevolence, House to House/Heart to Heart, reaching out to those who move into the community, door-knocking, and other local outreach ministries.
  • PROSPECTS: When contacts are cultivated, they can turn into prospects. A prospect is a contact who shows interest. You should invest your time in all prospects. Take them out to eat, enjoy recreation together, or have them into your home. The more you get to know them, the easier it will be to transition into the Bible study. Remember, you must earn the right to have a Bible study.
  • BIBLE STUDY: Those who show religious interest should be immediately transitioned into a Bible study. Have a plan—do not wing it! Do not play Bible trivia. Choose an organized method. If they do not believe in God or the Bible, use Believe the Bible. If they are religious use, Back to the Bible or Does It Matter. Stay focused on the study and do not answer random questions. (Write those down and explain you will answer them later.)
  • BAPTISMS: Evangelism is all about souls. Jesus sent us to teach and baptize (Matthew 28:18-20). The point of a Bible study is not just to share knowledge; the point is to produce a change of life through gospel obedience. If you sow the seed, do not be surprised when God gives the increase.
  • NEW CONVERTS: The lifeblood of any congregation is from new converts. Each congregation should have a new converts’ class and provide mentoring for new members during the week. Once they walk in the front door, lock the back door!

If you have no contacts, then you will have no prospects. If you have no prospects, then you will have no Bible studies. If you have no Bible studies, then you will have no new converts. If you have no new converts, then you have a dead church! Create a strategy that focuses on the congregation on its mission. Evangelism is not complicated. It revolves around just five words.

In His Service,
Rob Whitacre, Director HTHSOE