Prospects: Compassion Cards

Compassion Cards are the golden ticket of prospecting. There is nothing that opens the hearts of souls like compassion. Jude wrote, “On some have compassion, making a difference . . .” (v.22). This step will involve everyone at your local congregation; it is a powerful show of unity. Before you begin, you need to complete the Prospect List. Consider the following guide to making this work for your congregation:

  • Form your groups according to your size. You need to have healthy groups, so less is better in regard to the number of groups. Make sure every member is included in a group. This is not a volunteer army.
  • Select an overall coordinator along with team leaders for each group.
  • Announce the teams several times, display the assigned team’s names on a PowerPoint each week, post names in the bulletin, and put a group list on the announcement board. Do not forget, “What gets pushed gets praised, and what gets praised gets pushed!”
  • Meeting before or after evening worship works best for most congregations. You need to designate a room and have the cards organized.
  • Prepare cards in advance by placing the return address and even the address of the recipients on the envelopes. You should pre-select the cards and have everything laid out to avoid confusion.
  • Card recipients are listed on your prospect list.
  • Send cards for three weeks. Those with extended needs should continue to receive cards, but after several weeks, you could use one card that everyone signs.
  • Those who receive cards may visit. Be sure to welcome them warmly. Extend a dinner invitation.
  • Many who receive cards will not visit, so after three weeks you must, “Go” visit. This step is explained under “Bible Studies-Mission Mondays.”
  • If you would like to order cards from Hannah’s Handiwork, they are available in packs of 10 with a discount for enrolled congregations. She has customized these cards to fit the program. Card selection is constantly expanding. You can order from her website:
  • Include children on your teams. Children’s cards are available. Children can also make their own cards.
  • Use the contact spreadsheet to help track those on the contact list. This will help you know when to switch them from multiple to single and to know how many cards have been sent.
  • It takes a lot of prospecting to get a Bible Study, so never give up!

As you cultivate the hearts of men/women, most will be moved with your compassion. You will find hard soil from time to time that cannot be reached. When this occurs, simply stop sending the cards. No damage has been done, as they may be receptive at a later time. It is never wrong to love someone. Those who reject your love were unreachable, to begin with.

Each congregation will put its own twist on these tips. We ask you to share your experiences. If you find something that works well, let HTHSOE know so we can pass it along to other congregations. Please know our family prays for you every day. Send our love to the brethren.