Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoyed receiving your first Reaching the Lost (RTL) weekly update. We are so excited about the progress we are making in HTHSOE by training congregations and Christians to evangelize effectively. We realize recent events in our nation have made personal evangelism more challenging, but the work of the gospel must go on, and God is blessing it.

We had to postpone a dozen seminars due to COVID. Starting June 11, we hit the road again by making a guest appearance on GBN Live, conducting a seminar at Covington, Tennessee, teaching an Advanced Lesson in Timberville, Virginia, and conducting a seminar in Tilton, New Hampshire. It is so refreshing to see Christians focused on soul-saving. No matter what happens, we must never lose sight of the purpose of the church (Ephesians 3:10-11).

During our stay at home, we decided to make a more concerted effort to “practice what we teach” and focus on some local contacts. This has resulted in four baptisms, and two other prospects that we ask you to keep in prayer. Last month, we had the blessing to baptize Rachael Cooper into Christ. She is a special young lady who is handicapped but still capable. Shortly thereafter, Rachael introduced us to her parents, Vickie and Jeff. We invited them to Jacksonville for our Bible ceremony, something we do for all new converts. This led to dinner and our first Bible study with her parents. We ask for your prayers as this study continues upon our return home. We are hopeful they too will obey the Gospel.

We have included pictures of the four new Christians: Perry and Ellen Bethea, Dane Stallings, and Rachael Cooper. There is not a method of evangelism more effective than a personal Bible study. We pray this will encourage you to seek out prospects and study God’s word with them.

In Christian Love,
Rob Whitacre