Reaching your neighbor has never been easier. You do not have to knock on a door, engage in an uncomfortable conversation, or risk exposure to Covid-19 to find them. For just .34 per copy, HTH can print and mail an attractive eight-page, full-color magazine right to the homes of your neighbors. House to House/Heart to Heart is one of the most effective prospect locators in the brotherhood!

Next year, we have prepared 12 issues that cover a variety of topics. To build a connection with the local community, we suggest sending HTH monthly to the same addresses for a minimum of two years. This magazine advertises your presence, makes known special events to the community, provides contacts from the community of those who respond, and provides biblical teaching.

We included above a list of next year’s topics. We suggest that you couple at least one issue each year with door-knocking. As a reminder, each October HTH organizes an annual Door- knocking Day for all churches of Christ. HTH is an excellent way to gain contacts for Bible studies. As an example try the following approach:

“Hello, my name is Rob, and this is my wife Nicole. (Holding up a copy of HTH.) The church we attend sends you this publication. Do you recognize it? What do you think about the articles inside? Are there any topics you would like us to address in future issues? Would you like to know more about ____________?”

HTH can literally help you reach thousands of your neighbors using a time-tested tool that can produce prospects for Bible studies. If used correctly, conversions are just around the corner. If you want tips or ideas on how to properly utilize all the features of this magazine, just contact me  You can view our training video for using HTH/HTH by clicking:  To sign up your congregation and to get started visit our website at

Serving our Lord,
Rob Whitacre, Director, HTHSOE