Prospects: Why Do You Need A List?

In order to begin prospecting, you must develop a congregational list. This is one of the most neglected, yet important steps in our HTHSOE model. This list is public; it represents a target and a focus for your members. Digital lists alone have consistently proven ineffective. In addition, private lists diminish your rate of return. You cannot practice congregational evangelism if the information is not public. When putting your list together, consider these tips to make this effort more effective:

• Download the prospect list from the website.
• Appoint someone to compose and print the list weekly.
• This list of names comes from the bookmarks, visitors, new movers, and all other contact creators that you chose to use.
• Each congregation will have a limit of how many names can be prospected. We recommend a minimum of ten, but the more the better.
• Based on the size of your congregation, set a realistic limit on the maximum number of names you can prospect according to your abilities.
• Prospects should be LOCAL. Families who live hundreds of miles away do not qualify for this work but they can be placed on the prayer list in a bulletin. Focus on local evangelism.
• The abbreviation of “DA” in the box means “date added.”
• Keep the description brief and ensure it indicates a category such as encouragement, get well, prayers, restoration, and new converts.
• Remember, always add those who visit to the list.
• Keep names on the list for at least four weeks.
• The prospect list should be kept current and printed weekly.
• We have also included a spreadsheet to track those on the prospect list.

Each congregation will put its own twist to these tips. We ask you to share your experiences. If you find something that works well, let HTHSOE know so we can pass it along to other congregations. Please know our family prays for you every day. Send our love to the brethren.

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