Bible Studies: Teenage Classes

Is it possible that we are missing the obvious? No doors have to be knocked, and no visits need to be made. Cards will not need to be mailed, and no food needs to be prepared. Why?

These contacts are sitting in our Bible classes. One congregation recently reported that among the dozen or so students in the teen class, only one was a Christian. If our teens are not contacts who need to have a Bible study, there are no contacts anywhere in the world. Bible classes are not just opportunities to teach our children about creation, Adam and Eve, the life of Christ, and the apostles. They also provide opportunities to apply these teachings for the saving of their souls. Just like a sermon, Bible lessons may not be enough to cause the hearer to respond to the gospel immediately. More direct or focused teaching may be needed to touch the heart and pull a soul out of the fire (Jude 1:22-23).

Why not introduce a Bible study during Bible Class?

  • Inform the parents about the class and the emphasis on conversion.
  • Pass out Back to the Bible to every student in your class.
  • Encourage each student to invite family and friends to attend.
  • Explain that you will be teaching the students how to convert their families and friends to Christ. This is what is called, “The Back Door Approach,” and it can be very effective.
  • Ask each student to underline the Bible passages and ensure understanding of each word.
  • Make use of the illustrations contained in “Evangelism Visualized.”
  • Ask questions and promote interaction among the students.
  • After Lesson 3, go through the closings and look for those who may be nearing obedience.
  • Engage the students outside of the class. Some will have private and personal questions that they do not want to share in a class.
  • Use Does It Matter as a follow-up to provide your students another tool.

Our Bible classes are ripe for evangelism. Evangelism starts at home. Teach your teens the gospel with the purpose of conversion. Evangelism should also reach our next-door neighbors. Encourage teens to invite their friends. Make it your goal to convert every teenager in the congregation. If you can create an army of soul winners in this age group, it will set the tone for the entire congregation.

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