While attending the Southwest School of Bible Studies, one of my instructors said, “Boys, it’s okay to lose some battles, and in fact, it may help if you do.”

This was a difficult statement to understand and accept. To a preacher, losing a battle is anathema. We memorize, study, prepare, and take class after class to win the argument. We are taught Greek, Hebrew, philosophy, debate, and logic, all to ensure victory. I am certainly not opposed to these studies, as they have great value if used correctly. Over time, however, I have learned that it is possible to win the argument but still lose the soul.

HTHSOE focuses on seven principles. The last one is “Hesitate.” Anytime you engage people, you are going to run into differences and potential conflict. Differences are not all bad, but they can destroy the opportunity to study the Bible. Your friends, family, and neighbors will not always share your political or cultural values. These can become hotbeds for division. Politics and culture are not the place to wage spiritual warfare. Sports teams, hobbies, tastes, and other likes/dislikes should not be allowed to divert the mission of soul saving. As issues arise that you do not like or agree with remember Principle #7. For the sake of developing a relationship and progressing to a Bible study, “Hesitate.”

If you want to obtain a Bible study, you need to overlook differences. Always begin with areas of agreement. When subjects come up that are abrasive, controversial, and even outright wrong, hesitate. Do not start a Bible study by examining doctrinal error. There is no need to march up every hill and pull out your sword. There is a good chance you might fall on it and die in an unnecessary battle. Instead, focus on a personal Bible study. This is the right fight! There is only one hill where you need to take a stand, and that is Golgotha! This is Romans 6:3-5 in Back to the Bible book 3.

Churches of Christ are able to overcome these differences and unite people from all political parties, cultural backgrounds, races, and differences through the blood of Christ. A national study revealed the churches of Christ are some of the most racially diverse congregations in America. The Bible is the answer to whatever separates humanity. Learning this evangelistic principle will help you bring the lost to Christ.

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