Growing Church: Training the Congregation

Have you trained the congregation to do evangelism? If not, this is why the congregation is not growing. If your job did not train their employees, they would go bankrupt. All successful sports teams and winning military units owe their achievements to the training they have received. A congregation will only grow if it is equipped and prepared for the mission.

HTHSOE has developed training cards to help prepare the members for the work. The six-step model has multiple processes that require structure and understanding. For example, there are over 20 contact creators, and each one needs a coordinator, team members, and a congregation who understands how the plan works. This will not happen organically.  Training from the pulpit and in small meeting rooms is required. Here are a few examples of HTHSOE Training Cards:

  • HTHSOE Training Card: This card trains the congregation on the six-step model and gets them started collecting contacts.
  • Contacts/Visitors Card: This card outlines the HTHSOE strategy for making every visitor a contact.
  • Contacts/New Movers: This card outlines the HTHSOE strategy for approaching, talking to, and creating contacts among those who are new to your community.
  • Prospects/Compassion Cards: This card provides the progression for using cards to cultivate contacts’ hearts properly.
  • Bible Studies/Evangelism Table: This card helps you set up an evangelism center and trains the congregation on how to use it.
  • Baptisms: This card will help your congregation focus on how to maximize the success of baptisms for the edifying of the body.
  • New Converts: This card will train the congregation to help newborn Christians grow to maturity.

In addition to the training cards, we are developing sermons that will help your preacher teach these skills to the congregation. You will find a download on the website just below a picture of the training card. You are welcome to develop your own sermons based on the main points and in keeping with the strategy. The advantage of these sermons is that they provide additional ideas and can cut down the workload of starting from scratch.

Announcements from the pulpit, bulletin blurbs, and email blasts are ineffective for training. Midweek special classes are poorly attended. Trust the process! Each Sunday evening service, hand out an HTHSOE training card to every member. Teach it, and then select a coordinator and create your team.
Train, Train, Train, or your efforts will be in Vain, Vain, Vain!

If you need more information on the three booklet study series or the new training/evangelistic video, please contact me at: