Contacts: Gospel Conversations

Cold contacts are by far the most abundant source of contacts. They are also the most awkward contacts for Christians to approach. “What should I say? How do I say it?” Since we want to take advantage of every opportunity to bring souls to Christ, I want to introduce Gospel Conversations as another tool for creating contacts.

Gospel Conversations do not require in-depth knowledge from the Christian or a relationship with the contact. They are circumstantial and should always be natural. For example, if you are in a restaurant, it is probably natural for you to pray before you eat a meal. Prayer is a positive expression of faith and often receives a response from those who witness it. Extending your prayer to a guest, waitress, waiter, or someone nearby is a great way to reach out and evaluate the receptivity of others. Here are three examples:

  • “My wife and I are about to pray. Do you know of anyone we could pray for?”
  • “I am about to pray. Would you like to join me?”
  • “How are you doing today?” If there is a response that would warrant it, ask, “Would it be okay if we prayed for you?”

Another opportunity may include reading your Bible while in a waiting room. This may allow you to ask a curious onlooker, “Do you ever find time to read your Bible?” If a person responds favorably to your conversation, ask open-ended questions for additional information.

For some, simple conversation about spiritual matters may be all that is needed to create a contact. Among the “many” you will find the “few,” if seeking and saving the lost is your mission. Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).