Contacts: Community Events

What do we have to show for our community events? Stewardship is a biblical teaching (1 Corinthians 4:20). Wisely allocating resources to provide a return to our Lord is important but often overlooked. Each year, congregations engage in their traditional community outreach programs. How many conversions take place as a result? Perhaps it is hard to know exactly, but one way to measure effectiveness is by the number of baptisms/restorations that result. The church of Christ should do good to “all men” (Galatians 6:10) and develop a favorable reputation in the community (Acts 2:47), but do we turn these good works into evangelistic work?

  • Schedule three or four annual events that fit your community’s needs.
  1. Backpack drive
  2. Trunk or Treat
  3. Fish fry/homemade ice-cream
  4. Clothing giveaway
  • Advertise using personal cards, House to House/Heart to Heart, social media, and direct invitations.
  • Bring people to and inside your church building.
  • Conduct an open house to help newcomers become familiar with the facilities and people.
  • Always eat! Sharing a meal is a great opportunity to engage in conversation.
  • Listen and ask questions.
  • Hesitate in areas of disagreement, as now is not the time for teaching.
  • Ensure every Christian understands that the purpose of the event is to develop contacts.
  • Look for the next step. Find a way to reconnect with the contact and begin prospecting.
  • Provide each person with a gift that includes information about the church.
  • Personally invite them to worship with you and enjoy a meal after or before the service (use an invitation card).

Community events are important for local congregations. They create dozens of new contacts. These events must reach the lost. The church of Christ is not the Lions club or a community center. Our purpose is to seek and save (Luke 19:10). Plan your events early. Train the congregation to make them effective. Pray for souls to be saved.