Thanks for sending me the Does It Matter? Bible study in the PowerPoint format. I used it to study with Larry. He was searching for the truth. He lives all the way on the other side of San Antonio. I do not mind traveling, but he said with his busy work schedule and the distance, it would be more convenientĀ to do it over the internet. The pandemic may have also factored into it.

We arrangedĀ a day and time for the Bible study. We used Zoom (although other platforms could be used), and I did a “share screen” with him so he could view the PowerPoint Bible study. When I brought the PowerPoint Bible study up, I had him read the Scriptures and then answer the questions just as if I had been there. I still had the ability to use illustrations and even hold up charts from the Evangelism Simplified workbook. We had two studies over the video conference and then he wanted to be baptized. My wife and I went to his house and met him, his family, and his in-laws. I then baptized him in his bathtub.

I still believe in person Bible studies are far better, but sometimes this method can also be used to lead someone to Christ.