Recently tornados ripped through several states leaving both saints and non-saints without power, food, water, and homes. Sadly, some even lost their lives.

In tragedy, there is opportunity for the Lord’s church to do good unto all men (Galatians 6:10). There are tens of thousands of contacts that have needs. Now is the time for Christians to prospect.

HTHSOE would like to recommend the Coldwater church of Christ, where Luke Puckett preaches. This congregation has agreed to be a distribution point for the area. They faithfully completed onsite evangelism training several months ago and have done an outstanding job implementing the training. They are ready to reach out but need our help.

Below is a message from Luke.

Mayfield (KY) is located just ten miles from the Coldwater church building. Many people in our community are without power. Many have lost homes and everything. Some have lost lives. Emergency crews are still in search/rescue recovery mode. Cleanup is still a little way away. The elders at Coldwater are working on immediate and future plans to help those devastated by these storms.

All funds will be used through the church in faithful local congregations in order to give glory to God and help those in our communities learn the Truth. The immediate need is for water, food, and shelter.

Our short-term plan is to help those who are unable to find shelter to find hotels or places to stay until something permanent can be arranged for them. If we can get enough water and food to cook, we plan on handing out bottles/gallons of water and trying to cook hot meals for first responders and those affected by the storms.

Our long-term plan is to help with clean up and rebuilding in any way we can. Right now, we are focused on the short term. Funds and supplies are desperately needed. In all things, we hope to give God the glory.

The churches phone number is 270-489-2219. We are having phone issues but hopefully they will get that fixed soon. They can reach us by email at  They can contact me (Luke Puckett) on Facebook, or my cell is (270) 227-3744. Our mailing address is: 8467 ST Route 121N Murray KY 42071.

Please make the checks payable to the Coldwater church of Christ and put in the info line that it is for tornado relief.