The New Movers program is one of the best kept secrets in the brotherhood. Although we try to inform everyone, due to its relatively new status, many still do not know about it. What if we told you that we can provide you the name and address of every new family who moves into your community? What if we mailed a special edition of House to House/Heart to Heart? What if we provided follow-up two weeks later with a postcard and personal invitation to visit? What if we provided training on how to visit these families? This is all included with our HTH New Movers program!

As with many works in our brotherhood, this program will not produce the desired results unless used effectively. HTHSOE has field-tested this work to help produce fruit ready for the harvest. The following questions will help a congregation enhance your efforts.

  1. Have you assigned someone to coordinate your New Movers program?
  2. Have you selected a team of servants who will assist in this work?
  3. Are you receiving the email list and accessing the map to locate names and addresses?
  4. Are you making personal visits and training those who go to the door on their approach and purpose?
    1. Always ask, “Have you found a church home?”
    2. Do not forget the purpose is to make a first contact and not to begin a Bible study.
  5. Have your ladies prepared New Mover baskets to use as gifts for all newcomers in the community?
    1. Cleaning supplies, household items, and food items are three different kinds of baskets.
    2. Each basket should cost no more than $10 at a dollar store.
    3. Each basket should contain tracts, a church bulletin, and information about the congregation.
    4. Add personal business cards from Christians in the congregation.
  6. Have you added each New Mover’s name to the congregation’s contact list to begin sending Compassion Cards?
  7. Are you prepared for the occasional “I have been living here for several years” response? (The list is not flawless due to the sources used, but it is the best available.)
  8. When they visit, are you prepared to greet them and invite them for a meal?

If you would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to the HTH School of Evangelism. This work has a proven track record, but it must be done correctly to see the results. Your suggestions are always appreciated. Please let us know how we can serve.

Congregational Reports

Warner’s Chapel church of Christ, Clemmons, North Carolina: We welcome the Warner’s Chapel church of Christ to the House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism. This congregation has a rich history in the Kingdom and has enormous potential for growth. They are also the home of the North Carolina School of Preaching. Their elders and preacher were hospitable and committed to focus the congregation on soul winning.

Peninsula church of Christ, Hampton, Virginia: We welcome the Peninsula church of Christ to the House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism. We were impressed by the eldership and preacher and the strong attendance from the members. This congregation embraced the training and began immediately. Read this report from their preacher, Ben Phillips: “Justus Waites was baptized into Christ this afternoon after finishing the third Back to the Biblelesson! The young man in the middle is Justus, who obeyed. The young man beside me, David, was my silent partner.”

Wewoka church of Christ, Oklahoma: Gage Coldwater (preacher) reports, “We were gone to PTP spark this week, but that slowed nothing down here in Wewoka. We had several visitors come with some recent converts. We had multiple studies take place this week by our members. We even have the wife of one of our members (who is not converted yet, but I think this week she will be) that invited all her family to worship as well has started teaching them the Back to the Bible study. We look forward hopefully to having some more obey the gospel this week!”

Sevierville church of Christ, Tennessee: Kevin Ruiz (preacher) reports, “We currently have two studies that remain on hold due to medical conditions with the prospects. On Sunday, a couple from the community worshipped with us and were met by our greeters. We have their contact information and will be following up with them. In our Wednesday night adult class, based on some questions from one of our members, we have been reviewing some personal evangelism matters. Additionally, we are looking forward to being part of the door knocking effort on October 2 and are working to make the necessary preparations.”

Chase Park church of Christ, Huntsville, Alabama: Pat Cowden (preacher) reports, “We had another busy week here at Chase Park reaching out to the lost. We had studies with seven people. Five of those are on Back to the BibleLesson 3 and are going well. We also contacted two on our Compassion Card list regarding their spiritual interest. We are praying that those hearts have been softened and will be receptive to the gospel. Last weekend we continued (post Covid) our congregation meetings with team #3 writing compassion cards and coordinating our visitor and new mover efforts. Several members took the handmade cards our children’s ministry made to send to our prospects to encourage them. It truly is a congregational effort. Our New Convert class is going well. They have lots of great questions. It is a blessing to watch them grow in their faith. If you have not had the Whitacres come do the HTHSOE seminar at your congregation, please try to arrange one as soon as you can. It has excited our membership and leadership about local evangelism and guided us in the right direction.”

Beattie Road church of Christ, New Albany, Georgia: Charles Harris (preacher) reports, “I was able to schedule a Bible study with a man I have been talking to for months. Persistence pays off. I have put together a schedule for follow-up visits of all who have been on our card list (New Movers, Prayer Requests, Visitors, Wayward). The gospel is powerful, and I’m looking forward to watching it work on many souls within the next few days.”

Deerfoot church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama: Richard Harp (preacher) reports, “We completed book one with the congregation for our Sunday morning sermon. People are seeing how simple the Back to the Bible method is. I believe this will be a great tool for us to reach the lost. One of our elders, Michael Dykes, has been studying with his niece and her husband. I received this message from him last night: ‘Study went good tonight. They had told us when they got here, they were going to have to go get their kids at 5:30, and by 5:30 we had made it exactly halfway through the third lesson. We had some great conversation on being saved and the value of baptisms from the denominational world. We will continue the weekend of October 9.’”

Oak Hill church of Christ, Rome, Georgia: Steve Murdock (elder) reports, “The Oak Hill church of Christ in Rome, Georgia, continues to reach out to the lost in our area. We had many visitors for Sunday morning worship; one responded to the invitation and asked for prayers. There were 147 follow-up pulpit trainings by our minister with about five personal Bible studies continuing and 50 compassionate cards sent out to contacts in our area. To God be the glory.”

Siwell Roach church of Christ, Mississippi: Gary Hampton (preacher) reports, “Our Card Care Groups are having a positive impact. Visitors are returning multiple times. We had our highest attendance Sunday since March 2020. Doors of opportunity are opening.”

Subligna church of Christ, Georgia: Tommy O’Kelley (preacher) reports, “We began our studies of BTTB and filling out the booklets. We have sent out approximately 150 to 200 cards. We had a couple who has not been at worship in a while in attendance yesterday. They stated they have a stack of cards they had received from the congregation and were most appreciative of the outpouring of love and concern. Bible study prospects are being identified and will hopefully and prayerfully result in Bible studies.”

Cordova church of Christ, Tennessee: Bruce Hatcher (preacher) reports, “Last night following study of Back to the Bible #3, Brandon Harris was added to the Lord’s church and his wife Karli was restored.”

Linville Forest church of Christ, North Carolina: Kelley Brown (preacher) reports, “Last Wednesday evening, September 15, Andrean Jarrett-Ray was baptized into Christ. Anthony Rutherford and Bernard Revel studied with her, and she made the decision to put Christ on in baptism. We welcome her to the family of God. We were getting ready to send the report and just a few minutes before, we received a phone call that Anthony Rutherford’s mother decided to be baptized. So at 1:30 Monday afternoon, Mabel Pendergrass, 87 years old, put Christ on in baptism. What a week of rejoicing. God’s Word is so powerful and amazing.”

South Cobb church of Christ, Georgia: LaRheasa (secretary) reports, “Back in August, we had a backpack give away and contacted 104 families. While we had several families visit with us afterward, there was one family that kept coming back. We were finally able to set up a Bible study with them, and they were both baptized on Friday evening after completing the third study. They are so excited to be a part of the body and cannot wait to get to work.”

Brown Trail School of Preaching: HTHSOE helps provide evangelism training for every class of BTSOP. We love to see the results of these students when they graduate. This report comes from the Cowan church of Christ.

David Sudhoff (preacher) reports, “Chad’s grandparents have been members of the Lord’s church for years. Last year, Chad’s parents obeyed the gospel. Chad’s son is 12, and he had some pretty deep spiritual questions. Chad felt ill-equipped, so he came to worship with his parents about a month ago. David, Chad, and his son began studying about ten days ago. The first study went well. It took some time, but eventually Chad was ready for the second study. He called Tuesday, and they studied for hours. He knew what needed to be done. But he needed time to contemplate the commitment. Wednesday, he called David to come back to study further. He obeyed the gospel last Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. Chad was so relieved to learn the truth. He explained that he felt cheated attending the Baptist church for so long. He mentioned that no one had ever being willing to sit down with Bibles open and just search the word of God together. He is on fire and worked with us today to hand out flyers for our gospel meeting starting tomorrow.”

Itasca church of Christ, Texas: Justin Hopkins (preacher) reports, “The book Muscle and a Shovel is on back order. Everything else for the evangelism table is in place. Next up—cleaning out the evangelism room and a room for Bible studies.”

Liberty church of Christ, Tennessee: Recently a graduate of HTHSOE began working with the Liberty congregation to help train them on how to evangelize. Andrew Scott (preacher) reports, “Yesterday was a great day for us at Liberty. Last night, we started the evangelism training, and everyone is eager to get started. We also started the compassion card program. Everyone stayed and filled out cards; it was so encouraging to see. The evangelism table is set up in the foyer. I will be putting out a lot more material as we continue. I know God will give the increase when we fight for Him. God bless you all.”

Caddo Mills church of Christ, Texas: Jason Sparks (preacher) reports, “The Caddo Mills church of Christ is in full work mode after facing a big covid event. Our groups are meeting to send cards. Two Bible studies are ongoing. Five families will be visited this week. We are getting more organized and moving full steam ahead!”

East Homer church of Christ, Alaska: Robert Austin (teacher) reports, “Thank you much for your encouraging visit and work here in Homer! We received the additional Fishing for Men book this week and will be covering chapter 3 in Bible class tomorrow. Steve Cannon will cover Back to the BibleBook 3 during the sermon. We have had one baptism after using Does It Matter. Please remember us in your prayers, as we do you and your labors.”

Covington church of Christ, Tennessee: Wayne Dalrymple (elder) reports, “It has been a profitable week for the kingdom here in Covington. We are busy doing and planning a lot of things connected with evangelism in our area. Jasmin Harber and her friend, Matthew, messaged us on Facebook requesting financial assistance. Wanting to tie our benevolent work to evangelism, I told her we could discuss her request if she would be willing to come to our services Sunday morning and participate in a Bible study. She agreed. She and Matthew went through Back to the Bible Book 1 with Austin Phillips and Kensleigh Stephens. Jasmin had attended a Baptist church when she was young, but she said that no one had ever sat down with her and showed her the things that she learned in the study. Our deacon over benevolence then met with them after our worship service to discuss their needs. They have agreed to come back for the second study this Sunday. Please pray that the study goes well. We sent her several cards Sunday night to cultivate the soil some more.”

My daughter, Anna Kate, has made several new friends at her new school this year. One of them is Mackenzie. Her father is Catholic, and her mother is “Christian” (not sure what denomination). She visited with us last Wednesday night, then she spent the night with Anna Kate Saturday night and stayed all day with us Sunday while we worshiped and fellowshipped together, including a youth devo Sunday night and our GIFTS class (L2L) that meets on Sunday afternoons. During the GIFTS class, our youth minister’s wife was studying women’s roles in the church with the girls. Mackenzie told me later that she had never heard much of that before but was really interested in what was said. We hope to cultivate the relationship and also contact her parents in order to study with them.

This Wednesday, I will be studying with Michael and Leslie Howard using Does It Matter? This is the couple I mentioned a few weeks ago that had gone through Back to the Bible but still needed more study. Also, another man who came to our building last week asking for financial help told us he will come back to our services Wednesday night. Please pray he does so we can begin a study with him as well.”