Compassion cards are one of the most potent prospecting tools available in the church of Christ. As our society becomes more digitized and distant, the personal touch of a card with a handwritten note is able to touch the heart and prepare the soil for the seed to be sown. Over the years, a few have tried to use this ministry without fully understanding how to organize and implement it at the congregational level. HTHSOE has a troubleshooting guide to help keep churches stay on track and provide the best results. The following questions help diagnose weaknesses so they can be addressed.
  1. Do you print a weekly contact list, so you have targets?
    1. Is the list primarily composed of sinners?
    2. Is the list primarily composed of local contacts?
  1. Do you have organized teams with leaders who meet regularly at a specific time and location?
  2. Do you have a full selection of cards organized and easily accessible to the group?
  3. Have you made this a congregational work?
  4. Is the work being promoted by the elders and the preacher(s) in the bulletin and announcement boards/screens each week?
  5. Are you adding visitors and new movers to the contact list each week?
  6. Are you sending multiple cards signed by members to each contact weekly?
  7. Are you dividing the cards and sending equal amounts each day during the week?
  8. Are the cards being sent consistently for at least four weeks?
  9. Are you visiting the contact after a four-week period to see if the prospecting efforts can transition into a Bible study?
If you have any questions about this work, reach out and we will be happy to help. Never lose sight of your mission. The work of the Lord is about people, and there is no way to shortcut it. Compassion cards are COVID-friendly and congregational. Hundreds of souls have been saved because of compassion cards. Jude said, “Of some have compassion, making a difference” (1:22).
Congregational Reports
Wewoka church of Christ, Oklahoma: Gage Coldwater (preacher) reports, “We have ordered our table skirt for the evangelism table. I took three sisters who visited today to lunch! We found out that they are out of service and discussed them being restored. They said they plan to continue to come! I have a Bible study set up for Tuesday night with a man who has been coming for years. We sent lots of cards this week and have several new contacts.”

Foothills church of Christ, Searcy Arkansas: We welcome the Foothills church of Christ to the House to House/Heart School of Evangelism. They are a hospitable group committed to make the necessary changes to focus on soul winning.

Poole church of Christ, Kentucky: We welcome the Poole church of Christ to the House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism. Nicole was able to do a ladies evangelism day and I taught two classes on Sunday. The elders decided to enroll, and they will be using HTHSOE digital training for the remaining lessons. This was our first work from 1997-2002 and a very enjoyable visit.

North Jefferson church of Christ, Mt. Pleasant, Texas: North Jefferson in Mount Pleasant continues to cultivate the soil and plant the seeds of the glorious gospel of Christ. They report, “A good portion of our time has been spent helping our new babes in Christ with their growth in the faith. As the parable of the sower teaches, there are some who bear much fruit and some who struggle with the cares of this life and some that are strong for a little while and then, wither away. We have experienced that also. However, the work continues. According to the information we have been given, there are currently six people in Bible studies with six members. One is using Fishers of Men; the others are using Back to the Bible. We have five who are in follow up studies, not including the those in the New Converts Class. Our mailing list continues to grow. Currently, we have on our list: seven neighbors who have visited (local), 20 neighbors who need prayer (local), and 18 that are ready for a home visit.”

Chase Park church of Christ, Huntsville, Alabama: Pat Cowden (preacher) reports, “We are coming out of our bout with Covid, and things are going well. Even while my family and I were in quarantine, the members at Chase Park still prospected, set up, and held Bible studies. That is what Reaching the Lost is all about, getting everyone involved in soul winning. We started back with some of the studies we had pre-virus and the rest are supposed to start this week. We have a new study starting with three ladies on Thursday, please pray for those ladies that they may have open hearts to the gospel. We also started a New Converts class this past Sunday and had six students studying Bobby Bates book “Growing in Christ.” We are following up with the prospects to which we have been sending compassion cards. Several have texted, called, or sent cards back to thank us for prayers and compassion. Please pray that these might have open hearts as well.”

Beattie Road church of Christ, New Albany, Georgia: Charles Harris (preacher) reports, “We have a few studies scheduled for the week. Starting BTTB with a brother of the one who was baptized last week. We plan on making follow up visits of New Movers this week. They will be visits to those who have already received several cards and a gift basket. Pray that studies can be started.”

Deerfoot church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama: Richard Harp (preacher) reports, “We are continuing to turn the ship for evangelism. Currently, we have three ongoing Bible studies. Sunday we are beginning the Back to the Bible lessons for the next six weeks. This is on the heels of our lessons concerning the need for evangelism. There is excitement that personal Bible studies are now within reach and feel more do-able. Please pray for our efforts.

Another update I just thought of. On Wednesday I was walking in the Publix parking lot and noticed an older gentleman struggling to get out of his car. I helped him into Publix and back to his car. A long story but in that time, we discussed the church. He said, “I love the church of Christ literature.” He has been reading House to House, Heart to Heart. I told him, “I just so happen to have three books.” He has agreed to study with me. We also put him on our shut-ins meal program we have started. Come to find out, he is close friends with two of our members. One of them indicated his next-door neighbor wants to have a Bible study! So we plan to have a Bible study with all four of us. His neighbor is also receiving a meal. There is excitement in the air.”

East Homer church of Christ, Alaska: Steve Cannon (preacher) reports, “I preached the sermon over back to the Bible Book 3 to finish up the series. We identified families that have not been attending lately and mailed cards to them. We also sent cards to a member who has been home the last few weeks with an illness.”

Lafollette church of Christ, Tennessee: Ben Shaffer (preacher) reports, “We have continued to work our evangelism strategy. This month we began distributing New Movers baskets and have made a few good contacts from it. One of the great benefits of this program is it gives people who are nervous about talking to strangers, something to help ease their nerves. It has been encouraging seeing the majority of the congregation participate.

On Saturday my wife and I followed up with a lady that had received compassion cards. She told her niece how much they meant to her, and even sent the church a check for $100. On Friday, my wife and I went to her house with the check and let her know we are not doing this to receive money. We told her what would mean even more than anything to us is for her to study the Bible with us. Her niece was there and said she would like to study too. So, Lord wiling, this Thursday we will begin our study with them!

I also had a Bible study with a couple Mormon elders on Wednesday. I gave them the opportunity to show me why I should believe the book of Mormon. They left unable to do so. I was worried that the door may have been closed, but I texted them the next day thanking them for talking to me and asked them to come over for dinner on Saturday. They agreed! My plan is to use Back to The Bible and show them why we can just use the Bible.”

Beloit church of Christ, Kansas: Dustin Doughtery (preacher), “I am waiting on two people to nail down dates so we can begin studies with them. Taylor and Kay have been attending every service possible since their baptisms and we are starting post conversion studies today. I have been asked to study with a member’s son who is struggling greatly so please prayer that those studies will go well. I have given one of my students a copy of Muscle and a Shovel. Hopefully it will put him on a path to seeking the truth.”

Eisenhower church of Christ, Odessa, Texas: Allen Weakland (preacher) reports, “Elaine Huntington came our way after talking with Terrisea Weaver after a gym workout. Elaine visited several times. She requested prayers and with that open window we covered her with compassion cards and set out to study with her. Sister Weaver gave her the book Muscle and the Shovel. Elaine called her last night and we set up a study early this morning. She obeyed the gospel after the study.”

Cowetta church of Christ, Oklahoma: Keno Shrum (preacher) reports, “We have been busy prepping New Movers’ baskets and will be going this weekend to greet folks that have moved into our area. One couple that we have been working to get a study with visited yesterday morning. He is a Christian that fell away years ago (although he has never attended the Coweta congregation). She is a self-described recovering Catholic. The service was very different for her since she was used to Catholic services. They both thoroughly enjoyed it. The sermon was Getting to Know God and addressed the difference between knowing who God is and knowing God. He texted me an hour afterwards and said they could not stop talking about what they heard and experienced and that they will definitely be back. Please keep them in your prayers. Next week, my plan is to ask them for a Bible Study.”

North Tuscaloosa church of Christ, Alabama: Clark Simms (preacher) reports, “We are so very thankful at North Tuscaloosa that efforts continue to be made for outreach. Our compassion card ministry continues to be a source of possibility without contacts and great encouragement for the NT family. Also, due to significant Covid illness within the congregation, we have taken opportunity to reach out to the medical community working so selflessly for the good of others. After study, two precious souls were baptized. We are so thankful for their baptism and their true joy as they begin their life in Christ. God bless Lisa and Trent. God bless all that our eyes will be open!”

Mercedes Drive church of Christ, Alabama: Scott Cain (preacher) reports, “We have seen both challenges and rejoicing in recent weeks. We rejoice over another soul who was baptized last week. We also rejoice over studies that are currently underway with souls who are genuinely interested in learning more about the Lord and His church, but we face the challenge that these studies have been hindered by the prospects’ health issues coupled with COVID concerns. The studies remain open, and we pray for both the laborers and the fields so that the studies can resume.”

Valdosta church of Christ, Alabama: Adam Evans (preacher) reports, “Jason Wrady was baptized tonight! He visited our congregation for the first time this past Sunday. I made the appointment to study with him on Sunday night. We studied Back to the Bible book #1 on Tuesday, book #2 on Thursday, and book #3 today (Saturday). Praise God for the power of the Gospel!”

Brown Trail church of Christ, Texas: We met Jason and Trinity Henson while HTHSOE was at the Brown Trail School of Preaching. While we visited the congregation on Wednesday evening, they invited us to their home for supper. Since that time they have been reaching out to sinners. Jason sent me this report last week:  “Thank you brother. My friend and I haven’t gotten the chance to study lesson 2 yet. Hopefully soon.  Also, I just finished lesson one with my parents. We are planning to do lesson 2 and maybe Sunday afternoon on Lesson 3. I plan to worship with the Winona church of Christ tomorrow. Hopefully they will come with me, but I don’t know.”

Sevierville church of Christ, Tennessee:  Kevin Ruiz (preacher/elder) reports:  “One of our elders and his wife had the second Back to the Bible study with their friends and it was another success. The third study with the couple has been scheduled for next week after the wife has completed a medical procedure. Another study is set to begin this week with a young lady that began attending our assemblies because of our social media outreach. She and her father are suffering with health issues which has provided the opportunity for our congregation to send cards to the family. Our prayer is that this young woman, as well as her parents, might turn to the Lord.”

Oak Hill church of Christ, Rome Georgia:  Steve Murdock (elder) reports: “Oak Hill is still striving hard to reach the lost in Rome, GA. We continued conducting 3 personal Bible studies, 129 pulpit trainings which completed book 2 of the Back to the Bible series, sending 50 compassion cards, and finalizing the organization of the Compassion Card Ministry. We also helped transport one handicapped person to the doctor, helped a newly restored Christian secure transportation to her new job, and reached out to about 15 of our new contacts. It has been a good week.”