Where is your equipment?

How can Christians fish for men if they have no lures? Recently my family had the opportunity to go out on a charter. The captain knew his trade. He took us to the exact spot where we would catch fish. He provided the equipment to hook them. He used high tech sonar to locate the fish. I will never forget how we reeled in one large barracuda after another. Effective fishing is no accident. It takes tools and training to do the job!

Sadly, most Christians have no tools or tackle box to become fishers of men. We have church buildings full of plastic ware, coffee pots, and tablecloths. We spare no expenses on our fellowship halls. In many places, we are better equipped to open a community soup kitchen than to reach the lost. Those who have evangelism materials normally keep them locked in an office or buried in a seldom-used library.

If a member of the congregation where you attend wanted to conduct a Bible study, where would he/she get the materials? If it was a study with an atheist, do you have the right lure? As part of the House to House School of Evangelism (HTHSOE) ten-step congregational plan, we ask congregations to invest in an evangelism table.

Begin with training tools. Placing the Updated Personal Evangelism DVD on the table along with the training book is a must. If you do not know how to use the lures in your tackle box, they will do you no good. Next, put sets of Back to the BibleDoes It Matter, and Believe the Bible on the table to accommodate different types of prospects. You may also want to provide alternatives for those who refuse to do a personal Bible study like the digital study option, Does It Matter USB, or DVD. Add HTH Correspondence courses and books like Muscle and a Shovel and Transformed Reborn. Finish with a large sign identifying it. Evangelism is the heartbeat of a congregation and it should be highlighted at every opportunity. Ensure it is located in a high-traffic, easily visible area. Please do not bury your evangelism table in a coat closet!

As you can see from the photos, the table does not have to be ornate. During the past few months, Hico (TX), Killeen (TX), Eisenhower (Odessa, TX), Glencoe (AL), Buhl (ID), Riverbend (GA), and several other congregations have set up tables. They are providing Christians the equipment they need to successfully fish for the lost. Here is a report from Brittan Bidigadare from Buhl, Idaho.

“We will be finished with the first book of BTTB this Sunday morning. People have loved going through it. It took so long to go through because there were tons of questions and involvement. They really wanted to learn how to do a study. A good number of them are reaching out to their family and friends, working for studies. We have been sending tons of cards out since you left. We have had four contacts on the board already, and each contact had received a stack of cards. We have been doing great sending those out and have had great feedback from it. One lady came forward a week and a half ago as a result of the seminar. She asked for prayers and has been faithful ever since you were here. I have had people that I never would have expected reaching out to me for study materials and with questions. One brother that attended the seminar actually baptized a man that he had been studying with about three weeks ago.”

If we want members of the church to evangelize, we must equip them with the tools they need. Set up your evangelism table today. If you need evangelism materials, just contact me. Rob@housetohouse.com

Serving our Lord,
Rob Whitacre, Director, HTHSOE