Reaching the Lost- Success Stories

Total baptisms (2018-2023) reported from U.S. Congregations: 3,748
Total baptisms reported from U.S. Congregations 2023: 1,403
Total Baptisms Reported from U.S. Congregations 2024: 79
Total Restorations from U.S. Congregations 2024: 6
Total Seminars Conducted (2018-2023): 240
Congregational Enrollments in 2024: 4
Remote Enrollments for 2024: 3
Student Enrollment: 140
States Reporting: 19

Upcoming Seminars
January 28-30: Buda Kyle church of Christ, Texas
January 28-February 1: Southwest School of Bible Studies
February 4-6: 9th and Main church of Christ, San Angelo, Texas

HTHSOE Checklist

Featured Work: Honolulu church of Christ, Honolulu, Hawaii

Editor’s Note: HTHSOE has nine regional trainers. These men were asked to join the staff because they not only live evangelism but also train others to do the same. They are men of ideas. Brother Lima, who has recorded over 50 baptisms in the past two years, mentioned a new tool for reaching the lost last week. We will pay close attention to the results, and, if this is successful, we will add it to the congregational curriculum. 

Conversion Podcast
Written by Lima Esene

The Book of Acts contains conversion stories that have led to many souls being converted to Christ. Seeing that inspiration, I saw fit to record these accounts of evangelism.  Why not share our own conversion stories to the lost world?

Our congregation started a podcast called, “Converted.” This podcast features the conversion accounts of modern-day New Testament Christians. We have a new episode coming out every third Thursday of the month. This will change if we get more brethren to participate. In a simple video interview format, we can build bridges with the lost by sharing our conversion stories as we study the Bible with them when they show interest. By sharing our conversion stories, we connect with lost souls currently going through what we have experienced when searching for the Truth.

For example, many of us in the Lord’s church have left denominationalism to follow the Truth in Christ. We can share how we came to know the Truth with those who are lost in those denominations. In our first episode, Rafe and Flori Barber shared their conversion story. Rafe came out of Mormonism, and Flori was educated in a Baptist school while being raised in a protestant church. Later, she was part of a Pentecostal-type church when she moved to Hawaii. This episode was aired two weeks ago and produced a Bible study with two souls.

We praise God for this and hope this effort will lead more souls to Christ. To God be the glory.

Congregational Reports

Glencoe church of Christ, Alabama: David Marker (elder) reports, “As we continue to emphasize evangelism, we have numerous visitors in attendance each week. So far this month, we have had over forty visitors, and we made more than forty visits. We are working with seventeen contacts, and we have sent approximately 200 compassion cards. We have six ongoing studies; two are in our Tuesday morning ladies’ class, and we have four teenagers attending regularly. We continue to highlight our progress board each week. It is an excellent tool that is constantly before the congregation and helps us to track our efforts.”

Hatton church of Christ, Alabama: Chris Miller (preacher) reports, “We look forward to implementing the new accountability board, and this will no doubt help us to be more effective. We are thankful that names continue to be submitted and that visits and good deeds continue to be carried out. We look forward to many Bible studies. Our new converts class is excelling and going extremely well, which undoubtedly helps with retention. To God be the glory in hopes for another conversion soon!”

Fayette church of Christ, Alabama: Josh Taylor (member) reports, “We had our first evangelism mission Sunday yesterday. We started by passing out bookmarks and training the congregation on the use of the bookmarks. We then had our mission Sunday with re-organized teams. We have five prospects this month; we will send cards to them.  We appreciate all prayers and encouragement for our congregation as we begin our core evangelism year.”

Foothills church of Christ, Searcy, Arkansas: Josh Alexander (preacher) reports, “We currently have three studies planned for this week, two on Tuesday and one on Friday. Two of these are from visitors to our congregation. The husband of one of our members has now started visiting our services, so he is at the top of our prospect list. The daughter of another one of our members has been bringing her mom to services; she also is on our prospect list.  One of our members has a daughter who is an apostate member of the church. We are praying she will be restored to the fold as we look for opportunities to reach out to her.  We visited a man whose wife passed away in December. He is an apostate member of the church and has been for 20 years. He says he will come when he is ready. These contacts provide many opportunities for evangelism and growth as we pray, they will be open to the gospel.”

Monticello church of Christ, Monticello, Arkansas: Josh Walker (preacher) reports, “We have had a rough couple weeks here in Monticello; some members have received bad news concerning their health, and two members have gone onto their reward. However, we are confident God will provide opportunities from these hardships. We look forward to our annual area-wide meeting this weekend and are excited at the contacts that could be made from that. We appreciate prayers for our efforts.”

Highway church of Christ, Benton, Arkansas: Josh Hutchings (member) reports, “To God be the glory. We have had one baptism this year, ten new prospects, 29 cards sent, and two new mover baskets delivered with good response. The church is going through some changes. I feel that we will have a major success soon.”

Sunset church of Christ, Nashville, Arkansas (remote): Zach Williams (preacher) reports, “I am attaching a photo of Harold Rankin. He visited the Sunset church of Christ two weeks ago. He received a visitor gift bag, and we took him out to eat. Then we scheduled a study for Book 1 of BTTB. Our compassion card teams mailed him over 30 cards, our Transition Team prayed hard, and last night, Harold obeyed the gospel after completing Book 3. Always eat!”

Lake City church of Christ, Florida: Jim Flegert (elder) reports, “Last week, we had two positive responses from our Mission Monday/Sunday team. Our compassion card writers continue to reach out to our prospects. Currently, several of our members are involved with three Bible studies.”

Niceville church of Christ, Florida: Joe Palmer (preacher) reports, “This week, we sent 42 cards and had five returning local visitors. We have actively engaged with all of these visitors. One couple is in two different studies. One is a small group study to teach some ladies from various religious perspectives. There are two prospects in this study. One of our men is studying with another man. One of our Elders has set up a study with another family that had fallen away from the church, and it will begin this week. On Sunday night, I taught a lesson from my evangelism class and took the time to do more training and encouragement regarding our evangelism ministry.”

Lafayette church of Christ, Georgia: Jesse Teague (elder) reports, “We had our monthly fellowship meal yesterday and had at least two visitors. One family had moved into the area from Florida, and another man had visited several times before.  We have encouraged the congregation to invite people to our monthly meal so we can share the gospel with them.”

Woodstock church of Christ, Georgia: Greg Garner (deacon) reports, “During our ACTS (Actively Caring Teaching & Serving) Evangelism Program, the Compassion Card Group created and sent 11 cards last week. We had nine in our New Convert class. The Greeter Group reported that we had four visitors this week. We had two individuals place membership this week.”

Rabun County church of Christ, Georgia (remote): McKinley Pate (preacher) reports, “We continue to focus on our evangelism program and promote our evangelism bookmarks. During our Bible class on Sunday morning, I spoke about our contacts from the previous year. We only had 14 contacts in 2023; however, out of those, we had two baptisms. I stressed the need for more contacts as we discussed the reality that many are called, but few are chosen. I explained that with the rate we had in 2023, if we had 100 contacts, then we could have 14 or 15 baptisms, which would be a 100 percent increase in the congregation. I expressed the need for all to be involved in this effort so it will work!  The congregation is 100 percent on board and committed to bringing more contacts. On Tuesday, I began a Bible study with a young father from the area at Chick-fil-A. We began by looking at Book 1 of Back to the Bible. He has an open mind and is eager to learn more about the Bible and the Lord’s church. We appreciate all prayers for this study.”

Jerseyville church of Christ, Illinois (remote): Jake Medford (preacher) reports, “We are still working here. We have one prospect who is getting closer to obeying the gospel. He is a little hesitant because he was deceived by the Baptist church, but he is still working through it all. He has been through the studies and wants to make sure that what was presented is accurate. We have two more prospects who continue to get closer to us, and we are waiting for those studies. We have seven active prospects, three on the compassion card list, eight visitors, and a strong congregation working together. I will keep track of restorations on my side and announce them as we get them.”

Beloit church of Christ, Kansas (remote): Dustin Dougherty (regional trainer) reports, “Yesterday morning, I was with the Marysville, Kansas, congregation. I taught their adult class and gave the lesson yesterday morning. They expressed interest in having me back to teach more about evangelism, maybe later this spring. The Beloit congregation had a decent turnout yesterday. The couple who attended last week as guests returned yesterday, and brother Keith will study with them soon. A couple who had moved to Tennessee over ten years ago, has returned to the area; they will be gathering with us here in Beloit now. We had one visitor Wednesday night, and I am working on cultivating the soil with him, trying to arrange a time to open our Bibles and study together. I have speaking engagements in two other congregations in Kansas within the next two months.  I am thankful to God for the opportunities and His great blessings.”

Central church of Christ, Paducah, Kentucky: Adam Faughn (preacher) reports, “We were blessed to have a missionary yesterday to report on the work in Fiji. These reports help to remind us that, while we are focused on evangelism in our area, we also are supporting and praying for works worldwide. A couple of our teenagers studied with two of their friends (I had only known of one when I reported last week), completing Book 1. Another study (led by one of our elders) had to be postponed due to illness, but it looks like that will start this week. A study led by one of our ladies will resume on Wednesday. Card-writing Team 3 met last night, and that work continues well. We had guests yesterday, one of whom was encouraged to come due to the new movers’ cards. Finally, we have started announcing that on February 18, we will hold an “Evangelism Fair,” during which all of our area coordinators will share their work and get more volunteers to aid in those areas of our evangelism model.”

La Plata church of Christ, Maryland (remote): Eric Sykes (regional trainer) reports, “We sent out 30 compassion cards this week. One person is starting Lesson 2 of BTTB tomorrow morning, and another is completing Lesson 2. We plan to study Lesson 3 of BTTB on Friday. We are still working with a young couple who has completed Lesson 3 of BTTB. Soon we will start a study using “Does It Matter?” We are currently prospecting five contacts. We had six members attend the new converts Bible study classes last week. We are still training the congregation on Does It Matter? We appreciate all prayers.”

Southside church of Christ, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Freddie Klein (preacher) reports, “We had several Bible studies this week as we continue to move forward. Our card group worked on more compassion cards to mail to the lost. We showed a video on restoring the lost from HTHSOE.”

Samford church of Christ, Steele, Missouri: Kyle Imel (deacon) reports, “We are sending compassion cards to five individuals this week. We have a study scheduled for Tuesday of this week. To provide motivation, we have used the past two Sundays to refocus our congregation on evangelism.”

West Hwy 160 church of Christ, West Plains, Missouri (remote): Marvin Hatley (elder) reports, “One study continues using Does It Matter. The prospect in this study has been open to learning God’s word and seems eager to spend time searching for truth. Compassion Card Group 1 completed thirty-one cards to be mailed this week. Mentoring for three new converts will continue this week using the Acts Workbook by Bobby Bates as the weekly study/discussion guide. A study of Book 3, Back to the Bible, is planned for the end of the week, pending an ongoing health issue.  The congregation has been blessed with many opportunities related to spreading the gospel. To God be the Glory!”

Foristell church of Christ, Missouri: Rod Jackson (elder) reports, “We have several ongoing Bible studies at this time. I have been studying supplemental lessons with a gentleman. Lord willing, we will move on to Lesson 1 of BTTB in another week. The weather is warming, so we plan to greet new movers in the next week or two. We appreciate all prayers for fruitful efforts.”

East Flushing church of Christ, New York (remote): Clarence Jenkins (preacher) reports, “We continue to have visitors on the Lord’s Day. Two are consistent, and we are having a Spanish Bible study with one of them.  We filled out 12 compassion cards. We have ordered the training cards for more training with the congregation. We appreciate all prayers.”

Cary church of Christ, North Carolina: Larry Fife (preacher) reports, “On Thursday, we had our second baptism of the year. Saturday marked the launch of our “Rekindle the Flame” evangelism training with 125 participants. Post-lunch, 59 attendees joined us in door-knocking, which resulted in 42 new contacts. One of these new contacts attended our Sunday worship. We scheduled a Bible study with another Sunday visitor. I presented our evangelism accountability board to the congregation on Sunday morning, receiving positive feedback. Currently, we are engaged in six active Bible studies. On Sunday afternoon, two members visited a woman struggling with cancer. We have been supporting her with compassion cards. She showed interest in joining a Bible study and attending future worship services. Connect Group 1 penned 47 compassion cards, and we are preparing to send out five cards to welcome new movers. Over three weeks, we will send a weekly card to these newcomers before visiting them with a welcome basket. This coming Sunday, we will hold another training session for our contact team to follow up on the compassion card contacts. We remain committed to our plan, trusting in God’s guidance for growth.”

Linville Forest church of Christ, Kernersville, North Carolina: Kelly Brown (preacher) reports, “Bruce and Tracy Gentry were baptized Monday evening after studying with Rick Cooper. He had been studying with them for a while, and they decided to obey tonight.”

Carthage church of Christ, North Carolina (remote): Randy Chambers reports, “After completing Book 3 of BTTB, one prospect chose not to obey God’s command to be baptized for the remission of his sins, but he did agree to continue studying. We had three studies with him, using Believe the Bible; two of them went very well, but the third study did not go as well. We hope to plan for a better outcome next time. A second study is scheduled for all three of these first-time studies. We also had a third study with a prospect using Does It Matter; the prospect changed an earlier account of baptism and salvation.  We know this person has been taught the truth of God’s word, and we pray for good soil. This person wants to examine further what has been learned. We prepared our third week of compassion cards for six wayward members and one for a family that lost a child; we will be mailing them out this week and the next week.”

Streetsboro church of Christ, Ohio: Ralph Price (preacher) reports, “We started the second lesson of Believe the Bible this past week.  Our members have been passing out the New Mover baskets, and we are about ready to start assembling our Visitor bags. We have a couple of new contacts that seem promising. We are adding them to the compassion card list next week. Since we started in November, our members have sent out 850 cards.”

Greenville church of Christ, Ohio: John McGiffin (preacher) reports, “We are happy to report our first baptism of 2024 this past Friday. We have been studying for three weeks using Back to the Bible. Our board is up. For 2024, we have had two visitors, prospected eight individuals, sent 337 compassion cards, had nine Bible studies (seven are ongoing), and one baptism. Back to the Bibleis so easy to understand; my teen-age son is teaching it to one of his schoolmates. Only occasionally do they need clarification. I anticipate that teens will respond to the Gospel in short order. Four of the Bible studies are getting quite serious. One has admitted the need to be baptized. All four are asking questions about which church to attend and why.

“Never-ending studies were the best advice for these students. They have endured a nine-week Bible study. They have gone through Does it Matter and asked explicitly if they could go through Back to the Bible. This will get them over the edge. If not, we will find another study, if they are willing. We have made several transitional visits without getting Bible studies. However, some are promising. They are overwhelmed with the compassion cards. Two have questioned whether they attend the correct church since their denomination does not seem to care about them. One couple knows some of our members, but they are cautious because they were hurt in a denominational setting. We continue to be hopeful about contacts. After the lesson about invitation cards, we have had an interest in the community. Some had questions and plan to attend this Wednesday.”

New Concord church of Christ, Ohio: Terry Townsend (preacher) reports, “Sixty-one compassion cards are being mailed out this week. Two Bible studies have been started and will continue this week. We had two more visitors this Sunday; one is a new mover to our community and had received a new mover basket the week before. We will follow up with her and another visitor this week. One of the families visiting with us the last five weeks has also been coming to our Sunday night services. We have set up a day to have a meal with them and hopefully begin Lesson 1 of Back to the Bible. We have also put up our accountability board and have challenged the congregation in all facets of the evangelism model.”

Lake Milton church of Christ, Ohio (remote): Mike Bisson (preacher) reports, “We mailed out 40 Compassion Cards. We have put up our accountability board and have our evangelism table full of materials.”

Sullivan Village church of Christ, Lawton, Oklahoma: Glenn Brennan (elder) reports, “One person who has been receiving cards came to worship. It is exciting to see fruit from our work. We know it takes many to get a few. We will keep working and know the Lord of Harvest will bless this work.”

Coweta church of Christ, Oklahoma: Keno Shrum (regional trainer) reports, “On Sunday, we filled out 120 compassion cards; mailing to several people begins today. On Thursday, I will have a Bible study with a couple who have been attending. They were baptized as part of their wedding ceremony several years ago, but they do not have a proper understanding of what baptism is and what it represents. So, Thursday evening we will go through Lesson 1 of Back to the Bible. This week, we will visit several contacts who have received compassion cards, and we will make personal contact with them and invite them to have a Bible study. On each of these visits, I will take with me the person who told us each name as a contact. This should help us build a rapport with each one. This is another way to involve those who have been bringing contacts. We are encouraged by reading about the numbers and stories in the reports. We continue to pray for all who are laboring in His name!”

York church of Christ, Pennsylvania: Mark Raschke (deacon) reports, “Fred has been preaching some great lessons focused on evangelism. This week, he started a multi-part lesson about how the devil never gives up on chasing souls, so neither should we. It was very well received. We again sent flyers to all of our contacts, inviting them to our monthly fellowship meal. The number of new contacts being received has dried up, so I plan to make a revitalizing reminder announcement on Sunday morning, to remind everybody about the importance of this step in the process. It is clear that the congregation is focused on the upcoming building move, as there is a lot of excitement, anxiety, and activity around that. I told my family and plan to tell the congregation that my main concern about the new church building is that the Bible is taught there. I intend to do my part to make sure that happens. We continue to work on some of our prospects, trying to move them closer to having a study. I think we are close.”

Union church of Christ, South Carolina (remote): Terry Hale (preacher) reports, “We had two studies in Book 3 of Back to the Bible, and members filled out cards to send out. We also have two members from the other congregation in town who heard about the work we are doing. They have been coming to services with us and are interested in training their congregation.”

Forest Hill church of Christ, Germantown, Tennessee: Scott Cain (preacher) reports, “Adam began visiting in December. He was sincerely interested in learning more about the Lord’s church, & brother Gage Coldwater was soon in an initial with him, which went splendidly. Schedules necessitated some flexibility, & thankfully, brother Ryan Sullins could pinch hit for Gage & conduct the second & third studies with Adam. They had the third study between services on Sunday, & Adam was ready to obey the Gospel: he was baptized immediately. Please pray for him. Also, please pray for Harley & Diana. These precious souls first visited Forest Hill on November 12. By December 24, they had been baptized in Jesus Christ. On January 29, brother Harley became a student at the Memphis School of Preaching. It is a huge undertaking for someone so new to the Lord’s church to begin this course of studies at this particular point halfway through the school year, & Harley’s case includes some lingering health questions: nonetheless, talking him into waiting to start preaching school would have been like dissuading Paul from facing the challenges that awaited in Jerusalem… “he would not be persuaded” (Acts 21:12-14). Harley has the conviction, character, & commitment to manage the challenges ahead, but he & his sweet bride could benefit from prayers as they move ahead. In short, souls are being won, & won souls are becoming soul winners. Please pray for us all, as we will for you!”

Brushy church of Christ, Centerville, Tennessee: Kevin Johnston (preacher) reports, “Bookmarks are handed out, and we are making progress toward creating contacts. We continue to implement the plan and look forward to continued progress.”

Hillsboro church of Christ, Tennessee: Chris Sliger (member) reports, “A few numbers can demonstrate our recent work: Baptisms, 1; Restorations, 1; Visitors, 4; Contacts; 8 (including four visitors); Training Classes, 2; Post Seminar Questionnaires, 40. Due to rain, our plan to visit New Movers was rescheduled for February 3. Our main coordinators (Overall, POC, and prospect list) have been chosen. We also created a OneDrive folder for file/data storage.”

Mountain Creek church of Christ, Chattanooga, Tennessee: Michael Tomshack (elder) reports, “This begins the habit of sending weekly updates for Mountain Creek. I am the Overall Coordinator and Point of Contact for our Evangelism Model. Today, January 28, 2024, was our official “start” date. We handed out the Post Evangelism Seminar Questionnaire and then collected the completed questionnaires.  The data has been compiled on a spreadsheet. All the comments regarding the seminar and the excitement about the possibilities the Lord will open for us were positive. Gary began the sermon series as recommended for the kickoff, including passing out the bookmarks and explaining the process.”

East Ridge church of Christ, Chattanooga, Tennessee: Austin Fowler (regional trainer) reports, “On Wednesday, I began studying with Adeola through Zoom. We went through Back to the Bible Book 1. It went well. We are looking forward to a second study soon. On Thursday, Charlie and I made a couple of visits. We attempted to transition one of our door-knocking contacts, but it did not go as we had wished. We will continue to look for an opportunity to transition her in the future. We scheduled a Bible Study with Jeshua, but he was not feeling well. We will be rescheduling it soon. We visited some sisters who are great bringers and talked to them about seeing some of their contacts in the next few weeks.”

New Union church of Christ, Manchester, Tennessee: Paul Fulks (elder) reports, “We had four contact cards submitted. Butch Lawson’s Card Team 4 met before Sunday evening worship and wrote 46 compassion cards. Last week, members made two follow-up visits and contacts. One Bible study was conducted. A New Convert/Bible Learner class meets each Sunday Morning.”

Chapel Hill church of Christ, Tennessee: Matt Jones (deacon) reports, “Great progress continues to set each area of this ministry up. Our coordinators are doing a great job organizing and training their teams. We have always greeted our visitors, but we will implement the specific visitor team undergoing structure and training next week! Our compassion card teams continue to meet weekly, and we have already begun to see the fruit of our efforts in this area. Isaac just finished the fourth week’s lessons. Our visitation teams will visit those who have received cards this coming week. We have several ongoing Bible studies, and we added a new sister in Christ this past Tuesday night. To God be the glory!”

New Hope church of Christ, Middleton, Tennessee: Cole Wade (preacher) reports, “Recently, we have had several people sick, so we have had the opportunity to send out cards and visit them! We are still having many visitors at church, and many of our families are getting connected with them. We look forward to more benevolence programs because they are working very well!”

East Main church of Christ, Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Brad Rowley (elder) reports, “East Main posted our “Steps to Becoming a Christian” video on our website (see picture attached). We are thrilled with the results; twelve members participated in the video. The video is only four minutes long and is visible on all website pages. Our invitation cards are being printed. The invitation card has the QR code to take the person to our website. Please check out our video at We completed our new Digital Study video. We are currently training our members on our evangelism monitor, and it will be on our CHMtgs app. East Main had five new contact cards from last week. Our compassion card team number three wrote 54 cards. We had six prospects involved in Bible studies last week. We completed four new mover baskets and two follow-up visits. To God give the glory!”

Covington church of Christ, Tennessee: Wayne Dalrymple (elder) reports, “It has been a good couple of weeks for our evangelistic efforts. On January 21, Clint Smith confessed sin in his life and asked to be restored to God and his family. Then John Evans came forward last Wednesday asking for prayers. Beside these two restorations, we also have four Bible studies in progress, including one conducted by Cody, one of our new converts, with his dad. We had more visitors Sunday morning (probably about 12). Some of these are good prospects. On Monday, we met at the church building to stuff 2,000 Oreo balls into bags that are labeled with our service information on them to be handed out at our town’s annual “Chocolate Tour” on our square this coming Saturday. This is the third year we have participated. We pray it helps us make many good contacts.”

Southwest church of Christ, Austin Texas: John Garza (regional trainer) reports, “One main goal I have been working on aggressively for the congregation is training more visitor greeters. For this good work, I have been working with another brother who is zealous to greet those who visit, especially from the community. Beginning next week, I will start training a new group of Christians on how to approach and get a study. I will emphasize how to teach with confidence and overcome objections as well as how to close a study and continue teaching after the conversion. I am looking forward to more Christians becoming confident in evangelism because, in the past two weeks, I have set up three studies with visitors alone. With two of the three (a couple), we began studying Book 1 of Back to the Bible, and they are eating it up. From the simple milk of the Word, they said they were ‘mind blown just how detailed God is, and how simple it is to understand.’ I plan to study with a young man who visited recently because he moved just down the road and is seeking a ‘church’ to join. When he heard a great lesson on Silence of God, as it relates to worship, he had a lot of questions, and when I found out he was not a Christian and was searching, I asked, ‘Would you like to know more about the Southwest church of Christ?’ He happily agreed to a Bible study, and some of our young adult Christians invited him to lunch. What a congregation of the Lord’s church can do when we work together is amazing. Along with these great highlights, we have three current Bible studies and multiple prospects we are attempting to set up studies with. To God be the glory.”
Northern Oaks church of Christ, San Antonio, Texas: Mel Hutzler (elder) reports, “We have Bible studies taking place at the church building and in members’ homes. We are thankful for a baptism recently and looking forward to more. Cards are continuously going out, but the New Movers Program can use some work. The New Convert’s Class is going very well. We hope to have more training for our New Movers Program in February to help them prepare more for going out into the community and delivering gift baskets.”

Graceton church of Christ, Diana, Texas: Johnny Williford (elder) reports, “Our Mission Monday group met this past Monday and reported on the home visits that were done for the month. Our contacts and new movers were all very courteous to us and invited us into their homes. We have a few possible follow-up visits from the new contacts that we made. New assignments were made for this coming month. Our Compassion Card group B signed cards this past Sunday evening and will be sending 80 cards this week to eight individuals. Two families and an individual visited us this past Sunday morning. Our ladies have started planning for their annual Ladies’ Day to invite women from our community instead of just from the surrounding churches. We are trying to keep evangelism as our priority.”

Canyon Lake church of Christ, Texas (remote): Jesse Stuart and Raoul Ferris (evangelists) reports, “We rejoice because Chris Whittington was baptized into Christ, having his sins washed away and being added to the church. The Stuart family has been studying with Chris and building relationships for several weeks. They used Back to the Bible to teach Chris the gospel. In addition to the baptism, we studied with a man we met while he was walking his dog around the church parking lot. Since September, we have been building a friendship with him. We completed Book 1 of BTB with him, and we are scheduled to get together for a meal and Book 2 next week. We also conducted two new conversion studies this week. Our elders are teaching the congregation a new converts class, using Open Bible Study so that every member here is equipped to continue to teach new converts. We are doing our best to equip the saints here at Canyon Lake church of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). Finally, six members of the Itasca church of Christ spent two days training with us on personal work, door-knocking, follow-up, and Bible studies. After the two-day training, we were blessed to gain 18 new contacts, knock on 103 doors, and speak with 66 people.”

Wheeler church of Christ, Texas: Garrett English (preacher) reports, “Our New Converts class has been up and going, being taught by one of our elders, and I believe it will bear fruit this year. We have a regular visitor in the class currently. I had to reschedule the study with the denominational preacher for this week, and I pray that he will be open to a study of BTTB next week. We continue to send cards to many in our community who have lost loved ones, and they are being noticed and much appreciated. We are watering and allowing God to give the increase in His time. I have had a request from a young lady to study about baptism, and Brittany and I will be beginning that soon.”

Granbury Street church of Christ, Cleburne, Texas: Ryan Cowan (deacon) reports, “My daughter, Ella, recently made friends with a coworker, and we were fortunate enough to have her and her family over for dinner last Saturday. It was quite a gathering, with a total of 13 people, including both our families. While the kids were busy playing in another room, Kerista and I had the chance to get to know this family better and learn about their background. During our conversation, we discovered that they decided to leave the Amish church and relocate to Texas about two years ago. Hearing them share their experience of opening the Bible for the first time was truly inspiring. Currently, they are attending a ‘Cowboy church.’ As a result of our discussion, we are tentatively planning a follow-up meeting to discuss Book 1 of Back to the Bible. We ask for prayers and support as we embark on this endeavor.”

Crosby church of Christ, Texas (remote): Jon Wheeler (elder) reports, “On Sunday, the congregation was very glad to welcome back a mother and her daughter who had previously attended years ago. We had been encouraging both to come back to worship with us. After their family had been sick, another prospect returned with one of her daughters. We provide transportation, and they attend every service. Another couple told us they want to join one of our three Action teams that write monthly compassion cards. This same couple also delivered five more new mover baskets on Saturday. A newly married couple was asked to join the new movers’ basket delivery team, and they said yes! We currently have two Bible studies in Book 2 of BTTB. Another lady is scheduled for a first Bible study this Friday.”

Bridgewater church of Christ, Katy, Texas: Doug Suggs (deacon) reports, “One of our long-time members passed away, and at her memorial service, we had a meal afterward for the family and friends. Our members passed out our invitation cards to several of her family and friends. We recently had a visitor who came back again, and we are sending cards to her.”

Windmill church of Christ, Texas (remote): Eric Tipton (preacher student, BTSOP), reports, “We are eager for our first transition Thursday in two weeks; we currently have 36 prospects and will ask them the three questions. We had sermons on ‘Quantity, not Quality’ and had visitors Sunday. We have two active Bible studies; one more study will begin Sunday afternoon.”

Itasca church of Christ, Texas (remote): Justin Hopkins (preacher) reports, “This week was a good one. On Wednesday evening, I had the first Bible study with a new prospect via Facebook Messenger. (The connection is a long story, but the last person this friend brought to me on Facebook this way is still growing in Christ and attending services). Friday and Saturday, my family and two other members from Itasca trained with Raoul and Jesse in Canyon Lake. These are the numbers at Canyon Lake: 103 doors knocked; 66 people answered; we made 18 contacts. We also had one new convert Bible study, one evangelistic Bible study, and one baptism. Yesterday at Itasca we had two visitors. We are knocking on doors here with Raoul and Jesse this weekend.”

NOTE: These reports are from Christians and congregations enrolled in the House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism. These emails are sent to teach and provoke one another to remain focused on the mission of Christ. Each week, we share several reports and highlight one with more details. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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