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Total baptisms (2018-2022) reported from U.S. Congregations: 2,345
Total Seminars Conducted (2018-2022): 181
Congregational Enrollments in 2023: 40
Remote Enrollments for 2023: 30
Student Enrollment: 132
States Reporting: 20
Total baptisms reported from U.S. Congregations 2023: 962

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Featured Work: We Trust the Process and it Works
By Steven Hill (preacher)

Editor’s Note: During our recent trip to Texas and Oklahoma, the Sullivan Village church of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma, enrolled in HTHSOE. This is an impressive congregation. The eldership and pulpit were completely engaged. The members were committed to following the model, which was shown by their attendance. Their preacher is Steven Hill, one of the most driven Christians I have met. While we drove home, I told my family this congregation will be a bright light in Oklahoma. We submit this report as our featured article this week.


We Trust the Process and it Works
By Steven Hill (preacher)

One of our elders told the congregation that we now have three teams. Each team has leaders and co-leaders who will work with compassion card writing teams. Two of our veteran members, who are very organized, will oversee the entire card-writing mission, and they will be the coordinators for all the teams, the mail-outs, and contact lists.

Yesterday, after services, we met with all the team leaders, co-leaders, and leaders overseeing the entire mission. It was a great time to sort out some bugs, revise the strategy, and ensure everyone was on the same page. There were several questions, and we were able to answer them. Everyone was given the link to the YouTube video of Rob’s entire lesson on compassion card writing. Also, everyone received the printouts from HTHSOE about the compassion cards.

I had invited an entire family to visit us at church, and yesterday they came. We took them out to eat and spent time with them. They are interested in the church and said they will definitely be back next week. I plan to try to set up a study with them after their second visit to the church, after Thanksgiving.

We are also getting the ball rolling on new movers’ lists. We have not received our new movers lists yet, but some of the ladies are shopping for new movers’ baskets. We are also going after about two dozen wayward members and all visitors. We are also focusing on the names submitted by the members from their bookmarks who are in more serious conditions.

I am scheduled to have a third study this week with a gentleman who is visiting us. I pray the study will end in a baptism. I have continued to preach from the gospel of John regarding conversations that Jesus had with lost people using the material in Bobby Bates’s book, Fishing for Men as a template. We have continued to remind the members to pray for those on their bookmarks and submit contact cards. The contact cards, bookmarks, and study materials have been displayed in the foyer. Also, some ladies have prepared an entire compassion card writing station in the workroom. It is very organized and getting more and more focused as we involve more people.

Yesterday was our first new converts’ class. One of our members, Paul Sparks, and his wife are taking on that class. Paul had about nine new converts in his class yesterday, and several members also went for support. It was a huge success!

I have already noticed that when a visitor walks in in the last couple of weeks, all members are making real efforts to welcome them and introduce themselves.  Visitors are noticing and returning.

It feels good to see the congregation moving in the right direction. It is very exciting to be making this shift; it will transform Sullivan Village since we have a lot of servant workers.

Congregational Reports

Glencoe church of Christ, Alabama: David Marker (elder) reports, “A week ago Sunday, the son and daughter-in-law of one of our compassion card recipients attended our morning worship service.  They live in our area, and we are prospecting them. Then, this past Sunday, his father, the man who received the compassion cards several weeks ago when he had heart bypass surgery, was recovered enough that he traveled from his home more than 45 miles away to visit our worship services and thank us in person for the many cards he had received. Without a doubt, compassion cards open doors that were before unknown to us. Also, the daughter of one of our new converts attended both services and Bible class this Sunday. We have already had one study with her, but it was several weeks ago. She promised to resume those studies very soon.

“Our card writers sent out compassion cards to four new contacts. Seeing this group assemble every Sunday afternoon at 4:15 is most encouraging. This has become the new norm for the Glencoe congregation, the heartbeat of our evangelistic efforts. Finally, we have 17 New Mover contacts in our area this month. Rob and Nicole will help us improve our baskets, hopefully making this good work more effective. We are truly blessed to have access to their expertise in reaching the lost around us. To God be the glory!”

Hatton church of Christ, Alabama: Chris Miller (preacher) reports, “The desire to teach and invite is everywhere and being seen in creative ways. Shelton and Leah were married this weekend, and something I saw on their welcome table made me smile. There beside a Bible was a stack of invite cards with a sign inviting guests to worship with us Sunday—at a wedding! This is just one example of how souls are constantly on everyone’s minds. To God be the glory.”

Foothills church of Christ, Searcy, Arkansas: Josh Alexander (preacher) reports, “We had a good week of making contacts. We hosted a Thanksgiving lunch for our college students and encouraged them to bring their friends. We had 60 college students, six of whom are not Christians. I have added them to our prospect list, and we will begin the process. Some college students who were Christians when they came to Harding have been attending spiritually liberal congregations or denominations. We hope to be a positive influence on them and study with them. Currently, we have one Bible study set up this week, with others still on our prospect list; we hope to move them over to the Bible study section soon. We have had some visitors from around Searcy looking for a home congregation who are Christians. We are planting, and God is giving the increase.”

Highway church of Christ, Benton, Arkansas: Steven Ford (preacher) reports, “We have had at least six baptisms this year. We sent 15 compassion cards this past week. We are encouraging more action by the congregation each week, though we may step on some toes.  This will make a difference in the community and the congregation! To God be the glory.”

Lake City church of Christ, Florida: Jim Flegert (elder) reports, “Currently, we still have several members conducting BTTB studies. Our compassion cards this week are being written by Team 2. We rejoiced today for the announcement of the baptism of a teenager from one of our families.”

Niceville church of Christ, Florida: Joe Palmer (preacher) reports, “This week, we had one out-of-town visitor. We sent 45 compassion cards. I have been trying to catch up on our visits to those on our compassion card list. We set up one study from the compassion card contacts we mailed.  We are praying for this dear man to obey the gospel.”

Fayetteville church of Christ, Georgia: David Gulledge (associate preacher) reports, “We sent out two rounds of compassion cards for last week and this week. We sent cards to four prospects the first week, and this past Sunday, we sent cards to nine. Two people who received cards let us know that they are amazed by the cards and touched by our act of kindness! Hopefully, this will lead to Bible studies.” Dave Rogers (preacher) reports, “Things are going well. I have been preaching about two sermons per lesson through the Back to the Bible lessons. The church has received them very well.”

Woodstock church of Christ, Georgia: Greg Garner (deacon) reports, “WCOC had three Bible studies this week. We collected three contact cards and the compassion card group created 15 cards. The Prison Ministry is working on details for the Department of Juvenile Justice approximately 1,200 tablets. In the meantime, they are working with DJ on how best to distribute the hard copies of Back to the Bible and Does It Matter booklets to the students. We had 17 in our new converts’ class. The Greeter Group reported that we had seven visitors this week.”

LaFayette church of Christ, Georgia: Jesse Teague (deacon) reports, “One of our elders, Don, has the names and addresses printed out and arranged in good order by location. Each couple or group takes a sheet and makes notes for each visit. We decide about cards and follow-up visits based on the notes we have. We keep the sheets in a folder for that month.”

Jerseyville church of Christ, Illinois (remote): Jake Medford (preacher) reports, “We had another great week at Jerseyville! Our average attendance is considerably higher than this time last year, but more importantly, the number of visitors that are coming back every week and are working with us is up and growing. We have plenty of Bible studies to do, but we are prospecting them and waiting for them to ask. In the meantime, they are hearing the gospel and spending time with us. The numbers board we presented a couple of weeks ago has everyone looking at what is being done. It also challenges those who are idle to step up. In other news, we are strong with the compassion cards and had to reorder. The best news to report is another soul has been saved after being baptized after worship! Christopher Guilander made the decision and was baptized yesterday! The congregation is strong and encouraged. We continue to press forward!”

Beloit church of Christ, Kansas: Dustin Dougherty (preacher) reports, “We had a great gospel meeting this last week with Robby Eversole, Jr., for four days with nine different lessons. The lessons were so encouraging for all to hear. We had several guests from other congregations on Saturday and Sunday. I know we enjoyed the fellowship with others of a precious faith. It was a battery-charging occasion. We have several being prospected at the moment. Multiple post-conversion classes are ongoing, and several will start receiving compassion cards very soon. God is good; all glory and honor to Him.”

Central church of Christ, Paducah, Kentucky: Adam Faughn (preacher) reports, “There is a lot of excitement. We announced last evening that we currently have two ongoing studies and a third starting this week! One student finished Book 1 of Back to the Bible. She will likely attend another local congregation since her sister worships there, but one of our elders and his wife are studying with her (Lighthouses do not compete). The second study is due to compassion cards. The lady is recovering from surgery and requested a study online, so one of our ladies is studying with her via World Bible School. But she also said she might consider an in-person study as she heals more, so we are keeping up with that. The study to start this week occurred due to compassion cards and will be taught by one of our ladies. On Sunday morning, our Youth and Family Minister preached on what “the church” actually means and then did Book 2 training on Sunday evening. More names were collected, and our sixth card-writing team met to send out cards. Our follow-up visiting teams are underway and doing a good job reporting, including the good news shared above. There are many souls to reach, but we are grateful to see some positive things happening. To God be the glory!”

Paintsville church of Christ, Kentucky: Zach Collins (preacher) reports, “We have been busy this week! We welcome two new sisters in Christ, Lily and Heather. Both came to our congregation via an invitation from two of our members. One was the relative of a Christian, while the other came to know one of our deacons and his wife through their children. They both agreed to Bible studies, and so on that day they were baptized into Christ. In addition to the new Christians, we sent compassion cards to many of our new visitors! At the end of this week, we have another Bible study scheduled with a frequent visitor to our congregation. We feel good about this Bible study. We appreciate prayers for His seed to fall on good soil! We are planting and watering seeds, praying that God gives the increase!”

Blanchard Church of Christ, Louisiana: Pat Cella (elder) reports, “Well, EVERYONE has a part in congregational evangelism. We had a visitor last week from one of our prospects who initially started from the new movers’ program. This nice lady has health issues, so we sent her some compassion cards. She came to Sunday morning service and brought one of the 20 cards that we sent her. She said that she was especially touched by this card, which was written by a five-year-old girl in our congregation who insists that she write a card every time we send them out.”

La Plata church of Christ, Maryland (remote): Eric Sykes (regional trainer) reports, “Say hello to our new sister in Christ. Her name is Ashley McNeil. My daughter-in-law, Tabetha, and another sister in Christ studied with Ashley via Zoom. She is now one of the newest members of the Bell Fork church of Christ in Bell Fork, North Carolina. We thank God for blessing us with our new sister. We wrote 25 compassion cards on Sunday. We had two families visit this week (six people). One of the families was a family on our compassion card list. We visited them the day before, dropped off a gift bag, and invited them to worship. The other family was a past client with whom we visited earlier that same day, inviting her to church also. Both families had a wonderful time. God forgive me; I dropped the ball on the meal invitation. But I am guessing the Holy Spirit took up my slack. One of the families enjoyed worship so much that they said they would be back next Sunday. They also wanted to know more about the La Plata church of Christ. So, they invited me to visit their home this Tuesday to give them more information about the church of the Bible. We will share Lesson 1 of Back to the Bible with them when we visit. We had six folks in our New Converts training classes this week. We appreciate all prayers as we continue implementing the Congregational Evangelism Model here.”

Southside church of Christ, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Freddie Klein (preacher) reports, “Todd Young was baptized into Christ for the forgiveness of his sins. We will study with his mother’s boyfriend this week. Further, other Bible studies continue to go well. We preached on the joy of purpose this Sunday and showed the HTHSOE training video on never showing up to the door empty-handed. We had a great discussion afterward. Moreover, our card group continues to send out cards to contacts.”

Looxahoma church of Christ, Mississippi: Blake Hawkins (deacon): “This week our compassion card teams wrote cards to prospects following the afternoon worship service. We also worked on making deliveries to new movers in the area for November. This particular effort of delivering new mover baskets is one we are hoping will help increase participation in the congregation, as it is excellent practice for approaching strangers with Christian hospitality. The more you evangelize, the easier the first steps become; we continue to encourage members from the pulpit to be involved and active in the work.”

Iuka church of Christ, Mississippi: Robert Wimbish (elder) reports, “I am sending a few pictures from our Food Giveaway Saturday.  We had a great day.  The Tishomingo County Braves High School basketball team came, spent the morning with us, and carried all the food boxes out to the cars. We gave away 60 food boxes that morning, and thanks to these young men’s help, we could spend our time visiting with folks in line. Again, we spent at least ten minutes chatting with everyone in line. This effort resulted in numerous prayer requests and at least three visitors Sunday morning! The Food Giveaway was that morning, and we had brunch at 10:30 and met for about 30 minutes to get ready for our second round of door-knocking.  We tried to spend at least ten minutes at every door. Many visits lasted for 20 minutes. We met some wonderful folks and filled out several contact cards. On Sunday morning, we had 11 visitors resulting from Saturday’s efforts! We have two ongoing Bible studies and hope to line up more this week.”

Foristell church of Christ, Missouri: Rod Jackson (elder) reports, “This week, we focused on two main items: Visiting new movers and training. For the new movers, we used Google Maps to plot out where the new movers were in our area so we could make visits. We had some great conversations with invites to check us out, to visit, or to give them more information about the church of Christ. Our goodie bag was well received, and at the minimum, it let the people know we were in the area and that we cared. For our training, we continue to show the HTHSOE videos each Sunday in our PM service. This works great for us as they are typically 4–6-minute videos, but they keep everyone updated. It helps the church to see what the goal is, and to see how they can fit in to the evangelism process. This week, we focused on contact cards and utilizing them in evangelism. We appreciate all prayers as we continue to work on evangelism in the Foristell area.”

Samford church of Christ, Steele, Missouri: Kyle Imel (deacon) reports, “We are continuing to visit contacts that we have made. We have two studies ongoing. We are sending compassion cards to three contacts this week. Two are visitors from our community.”

West Hwy 160 church of Christ, West Plains, Missouri (remote): Marvin Hatley (elder) reports, “The congregation is continuing to learn and use HTHSOE resources in its evangelism efforts. One personal Bible study using Book 2 of Back to the Bible is scheduled for this weekThis study resulted from a benevolence request. The first study generated a lot of enthusiasm; she even brought her own Bible and stated that it was the first time she had ever engaged in a personal Bible study. Several other prospects are being cultivated, and at least two other Bible studies are in the works. We appreciate the culture change that is taking hold with our congregation and the overcoming of unfounded fears involved in gaining Bible studies.”

East Flushing church of Christ, New York (remote): Clarence Jenkins (preacher) reports, “We had two visitors this past Lord’s Day; one of them has been coming consistently. We took the new visitor, Danny, to lunch; he is very interested. He received Lesson 1 to begin studying the Believe the Biblebooklet. We appreciate prayers for him, hoping he will study, understand, and obey the gospel of Christ.”

Streetsboro church of Christ, Ohio: Ralph Price (preacher) reports, “We wrote our first compassion cards yesterday. Our members are very enthusiastic about the work. One young lady said she was thankful that she had something she could do and feel like she is contributing.”

Greenville church of Christ, Ohio: John McGiffin (preacher) reports, “We have 48 people who attend at least on a semi-regular basis. They have been divided into two groups for the Compassion Card Ministry. We currently have 112 contacts from the congregation’s bookmarks. We have decided to prospect only four contacts at this time. We will continue to minister to our sick in the ways we have always ministered. Seven people are currently going through Bible studies with our members. One is using personal material at this time. One is studying with five people and asked for the Back to the Bible books to use. The last one is unique. After the week of the seminar, a member approached his neighbor and started a Bible study. He was excited to use Back to the Bible as his previous attempts at “chasing rabbits” have not worked. The neighbor was impressed with the first lesson and its organization. He asked where the material came from because it was so easy to understand. Before the second book of Back to the Bible, the teenage Mormon elders came to him. He showed them the qualifications of an elder in the Bible, and from the first lesson, he recognized that the Mormons claim to a “new revelation” is not in the Bible.

“One member built a 2-foot by 8-foot two-tier table for our evangelism material. It is not completely set up yet, but our members are assigned and working on it. We have discovered seven people in our community who need compassion.  We cannot do more than four at a time. We will start our compassion cards this week, along with our Thanksgiving basket giveaway. Our men are rethinking all that we do. We are considering moving evening services up an hour to allow more training time. We are considering doing our own disaster relief locally instead of supporting a distant group. How that looks is something we are working through. This is one of our busiest works, but folks are excited and feel it is worth it. It is just the beginning.”

New Concord church of Christ, Ohio: Terry Townsend (preacher) reports, “We had one baptism this past week. This one will produce several new contacts! A family that visited last Sunday was back this Sunday. One of our elders and his wife took them out to eat last week and are finalizing a time when they can begin the first study of Back to the Bible. This Saturday is our annual Community Thanksgiving Day meal, which should provide us with several new contacts! We are still going through the congregational training. The elders have most of the coordinators in place, and things are beginning to take shape. This week, the evangelism table and the compassion cards ministry will be ready.”

Coweta church of Christ, Oklahoma: Keno Shrum (elder) reports, “Last Monday while I was going through Lesson 3 of Back to the Bible with Kelli, she recognized that her baptism in a denominational “church” at a younger age was not scriptural. She had no idea that baptism symbolized the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. She was taught she had been saved before baptism. About halfway through the study, after a thorough explanation of baptism, a question read, “When do you want to be baptized?” Kelli closed her book and said, “Right Now!” Fifteen minutes later, she was immersed for the remission of sins! Since then, she has brought contact information for one of her friends, whom we included in the compassion cards we wrote last night. Kelli is also gathering contact information for another friend who is battling cancer. One week into her walk with Christ, Kelli is in full-blown evangelism mode, carrying out her duties by providing contact info and compassion card writing. As we learned in our Basic and Advanced Seminars, a person does not have to be a teacher to fulfill the commandment to evangelize. It all starts with contacts and prospects. Kelli was also amazed by all of the cards from RTL readers. Today we will have a memorial service for her mother, and I know she will get through the day easier because of the love shown to her by her brothers and sisters in Christ throughout many states!

“On Saturday evening, we went through Lesson 1 with Gerald. He enjoyed the lesson but has yet to schedule Lesson 2. He is an active member of the Assembly of God, but we will stay in touch with him, pray for him, and keep encouraging him. We know not all will answer the call, but the seed has been planted. We also hung up the picture of the Flow Chart above our Evangelism table to help members to recognize all the ways they can contribute to the growth of the church. As always, we are encouraged by all of the RTL reports. I am excited to be part of the HTHSOE team and look forward to helping other congregations and Christians grow in their efforts to evangelize. I pray God blesses every person who labors in His name!”

York church of Christ, Pennsylvania: Mark Raschke (deacon) reports, “We continue sending compassion cards weekly. We now have several prospects who attend services regularly. We need to begin to convert prospect attendance into Bible studies so that they lead to baptisms.”

Broadtop church of Christ, Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania (remote): Ed Howe (member) reports, “We have selected a good location in a prominent area for our evangelism table and are setting it up.
We delivered a welcome basket to a family that moved into our area; they were very appreciative, and we will be praying for them.”

Union church of Christ, South Carolina (remote): Terry Hale (preacher) reports, “We are praying for the work in the brotherhood from the Union church of Christ. I have included pictures of members working on compassion cards. Training is continuing for our visits after all cards are mailed. We appreciate all prayers. To God be the glory.”

McKenzie church of Christ, Tennessee: Randy McCadams (elder) reports, “As of this writing, we are completing our final Group 4 mailouts to our contacts for October. On November 3, we had another community kitchen and served 121 meals for 45 families. Of those 45 families, we had 19 new visitors who are being included as contacts in our November mailouts. Our group leaders continue to do a great job in the card mailouts. We met with all the leaders at the end of October, asking for suggestions and comments. One suggestion that we had and have addressed is that many times, the contact information provided is sketchy, and the team members have difficulty writing a good comment. We are making a concerted effort to rectify this. We will continue to drive on, seeking more contacts and keeping the congregation involved. We are thankful and ask for God’s blessing for our efforts.”

Southern Hills church of Christ, Franklin, Tennessee: Lee Glasscock (elder) reports, “Recently, Southern Hills has had a lot of excitement about the School of Evangelism. We have ordered a table covering for our display for the member items to use as we start this exciting journey. Several studies are continuing, and a couple of new ones are underway, with one prospect in attendance. Our posters are going up for the Model, compassion card teams are organized, and the members have been asked to be thinking about their contact lists. This Sunday, as Garrett Bookout returns from Texas, he will kick off the first lesson in the 12-week series to the congregation. We had two excellent follow-up sermons focused on evangelism after the school ended. This Sunday, we will hand out the contact cards for the members to create their lists to keep our contact funnel full.

Berkley Rodgers, a young lady at Southern Hills, posted this message: ‘Hello Everyone. Can I say wow? Do it now if you have not yet studied with someone by using the booklets. Bible study 2 is happening Wednesday before church with Tai. He will be coming to church Wednesday as well. Please, please, please continue to pray for me. This is going so well. Thank you so much for all the texts and prayers. Tai is open to learning, made many great comments, and asked perfect questions. Invite people over. Feed them. Use the booklets. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’”

Covington church of Christ, Tennessee: Wayne Dalrymple (elder) reports, “It has been a good week. We had several visitors on Sunday. Glen and Kyle came for the second week and brought Glen’s other son, Alex. We found out they were members of the church who had not been faithful. We are showing them love and encouraging them to be faithful. They responded Sunday morning, asking for prayers for strength. Sunday night, they returned and brought a neighbor, Jordan, with them. Sunday evening, Steve visited again. He had visited a couple of weeks earlier at our Family Day. He and his wife, Annice, are studying with Frank. We celebrated Frank’s 90th birthday Sunday night. He is a great example of someone who has never retired from serving the Lord. We wrote compassion cards Sunday afternoon. On Monday night, we wrote cards to some unfaithful members as well. While we were there, a man named Gregory walked in to ask for assistance. We shared some pizza and talked with him for about 30 minutes. Afterward, we got his contact information and gave him some canned food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies. We will contact him again this week and try to set up a study with him.”

New Hope church of Christ, Middleton, Tennessee: Cole Wade (preacher) reports, “We have members volunteering to deliver new movers baskets and grow our church community! Many members are looking for more to do, and we are excited to help them to find ways they can minister to the lost! We appreciate all prayers as we grow!”

East Main church of Christ, Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Brad Rowley (elder) reports, “We rejoice in the baptism of Lola Rodriquez. Lola is the sister of Alundra Torino, who is a new convert. Nicole LeBlanc and Teresa Mingle have been studying the BTTB series with Lola. This is Nicole’s first time to lead a study, and she is very excited. As Nicole said, nothing is more exciting than seeing someone you are studying with obey the Gospel. We had three ongoing Bible studies last week. Two studies had to be rescheduled due to sickness.  Our compassion card team wrote 85 cards Sunday evening. Per Cecil Morris, we delivered 12 new mover baskets and received two new contact cards. Per Jay Pugh, we completed three follow-up visits and added two new volunteers to our discipleship ministry. Thursday evening, we had our college seminar on MTSU campus with Dean Meadows speaking on the evidence of God. It was a fantastic seminar with several new college students in attendance. Seth Ferguson is following up with potential new contacts. To God, we give the glory!”

New Union church of Christ, Manchester, Tennessee: Paul Fultz (elder) reports, “We continue to review the bookmarks at the close of Sunday morning worship services and seek contact cards to add to our compassion card list. We had congregational prayer for those on our last week’s compassion card list (by name). We had one new contact card submitted.  We had four visitors from the community.  Greeters continue to record the visitors’ names and addresses. They also hand out visitor bags. “Greeters add each local visitor to a contact card so that compassion cards are sent, inviting them to work and worship with us.  A visit is also scheduled for visitors during the first week they visit. Card Team 2 met before Sunday evening services and wrote 59 compassion cards. Several new mover baskets were delivered.  Last week, members made six follow-up visits and contacts, not counting phone calls and texts.”

Bridgewater church of Christ, Katy, Texas: Doug Suggs (member) reports, “At Bridgewater we are in a gospel meeting with Allen Webster. Yesterday was good with some visitors; we will follow up with our compassion cards. The results so far of our placing door hangers on homes in our neighborhood have resulted in two families being present. One was on Wednesday, and the other was on Sunday, the meeting day. We met last night and addressed cards to our visitors. We have purchased some Spanish BTTB material as we presently have four Spanish-speaking families and want to give them the tools to do personal work. After our worship service on Sunday, a family was visiting here who came to Rob’s workshop that was conducted earlier this year. I shared some Spanish material with him as he is teaching a coworker. One of our compassion card teams will meet this week to address cards to prospects.”

Crosby Church of Christ, Houston, Texas (remote): Jon Wheeler (elder) reports, “One of our Action teams met after services Sunday morning and introduced compassion cards. The leader spoke about the need for each contact so the card senders could write a personal note. Some of the contacts were members who had not been assembling for some time. Two more new movers’ baskets were delivered Saturday, and ten were prepared for upcoming deliveries. We have ten people signed up to do future basket deliveries! We were excited that three families visited on Sunday morning. We are making follow-up contacts with them this week.”

Natalia church of Christ, Texas: Jim Word (elder) reports, “There are times when the best contacts sit in our pews. This is the case with Cayden Steele. We have set up our first Bible study with him on Wednesday at 5:00. We appreciate all prayers for this study.”

Northern Oaks church of Christ, San Antonio, Texas: Mel Hutzler (elder) reports, “We have a few Bible studies ongoing, and it is wonderful to see more members getting involved in the evangelism process. Our new converts class has been growing, and one of our elders is teaching it in a wonderful way. Our new movers program has been increasing with many more contacts; however, the number of cards we have been sending out in our card writing teams has decreased recently. We need to push ourselves to get those new visitor contacts. I plan to get into a few new Bible studies, and it is nice that we had a restoration with an out-of-duty member. I trust and pray he may put the Kingdom of God first in his life. Our members are getting to know those baptized recently, and it is wonderful to see those new converts in worship service. Attendance has increased, and I believe it will continue to increase.”

Canyon Lake church of Christ, Texas (remote): Jesse Stuart and Raoul Ferris (evangelists) reports, “We continue to work the model. We had a tough situation with a 14-year-old daughter who wanted to study, but the mother hesitated. We were able to set up the study and complete all three books. The daughter understands, but the mother is not willing. The mother had several of her beliefs addressed by Scripture, and she has much to consider. We hope to continue to develop relationships with the family so we can continue the study. We pray the seed that was planted in both hearts will grow. We are studying with a young man by going through the conversion stories in the book of Acts. This young man is convinced that you are saved before baptism. He also has many other doctrinal issues, but we are addressing them one at a time by not debating. We have three individuals going through New Converts materials. We have six new contacts after delivering our pictures from the Trunk or Treat. We learned that the Photo Booth was a great way to meet people. We invited them to our Friends and Family Day as well. Concerning other congregational activities, our building and grounds changes continue to go well. The building is now visible from all corners and especially from the main road. The baptistery was repainted, and the outside of the building is ready to be painted. Over the past three months, these projects have created many ways to grow in fellowship. We are thankful for all prayers.”

Wheeler church of Christ, Texas: Garrett English (preacher) reports, “We have delivered two new mover baskets this week and invited them to our church. We will have a Thanksgiving meal this Wednesday evening. The men’s class has gone through Books 1 and 2 of BTTB and will study the third book at the end of this month. We have ordered Spanish Bibles for the county jail as an evangelism opportunity. We also delivered Bibles to the 7th and 8th-grade classes this week with literature in them for further study/contact with us. We fed the football team breakfast before their playoff game this past week and will continue to develop relationships to get contacts.”

Highway 95 church of Christ, Taylor, Texas: Benjamin Dossey (preacher) reports, “The past couple of weeks, we have had several new visitors. We are working to build relationships with them so we can begin studies. Last Sunday, we wrote around 20 compassion cards to send out this week.”

Granbury Street church of Christ, Cleburne, Texas: Ryan Cowan (deacon) reports, “We are still celebrating the recent baptism of Karolyna Ramirez!  Karolyna has been an active participant in our youth group.  Her mom, who was baptized less than a year ago, regularly attends our Foundations class taught on Sunday mornings. Andrew Randig has done an excellent job accounting for visitors to Granbury Street.  Darlene Walker, Ginger Owens, and others actively watch for visitors, guide visitors to a pew, and seek to gain contact information. At that point, we offer to take the visitor to lunch. It has been awesome to see this operation at work. On Sunday night, Pat McIntosh updated the Body regarding our evangelism efforts and offered additional insight into the House-to-House publication and how this mail out contributes to our efforts locally.”

Graceton church of Christ, Diana, Texas: Johnny Willeford (elder) reports, “Our Group C met Sunday evening to sign compassion cards for 15 individuals. They signed 109 cards. We also had three families visit with us this Sunday morning. This coming Saturday, we will have a booth at our local Trades Day with information and cd’s about our work at Graceton. This is a first for us, so please pray for our efforts with this outreach. We also ask for prayers for Kenny McCary, one of our elders. He has been in the hospital for the past three weeks, suffering from a second stroke in recent months. He will be coming home on Wednesday but will need time and further therapy to regain some of his vision and balance.” As always, we pray for the success of all the work in God’s kingdom.”

NOTE: These reports are from Christians and congregations enrolled in the House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism. These emails are sent to teach and provoke one another to remain focused on the mission of Christ. Each week, we share several reports and highlight one with more details. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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