If the congregation you attend is like ours, you probably have a lot of printed material with great Bible teaching available.

Is your tract rack overflowing? What about the filing cabinet that is full of tracts, extra copies of House to House, and other brotherhood material? It is good to have a few copies on hand, and on display, for studious members and visitors to services. Having a few of each tract on display is a good idea, but having too many is a waste. Those materials are not doing any good if they never get out of the building.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Tract Sunday Designate one Lord’s day as “Tract Sunday.” On this day, leave two copies of everything in your tract racks, but gather everything else and ask members to take a few and give them away! Promote Tract Sunday from the pulpit and in the bulletin. When the day comes, have an elder or a deacon briefly discuss the materials, and offer suggestions on how and where to share them. You might suggest things like: give a copy to a friend or co-worker, leave some in a waiting room at a dentist, doctor, or mechanic, leave them in the break room, or with a generous tip at a restaurant or hotel. Put some in a bedside drawer in a hotel room. Leave in restrooms or post office counters. Get the materials out of the building and into the hands of the lost!
  2. Missionary Sunday Materials in our country are often read and then kept. In foreign countries–especially mission fields– the material is often read and shared dozens of times. If your congregation supports a missionary in an English-speaking country, then bless them with evangelistic materials. Share copies of tracts, House to House, and any Bibles you may not be putting to use. Send them to the mission field where they can be passed around by those looking for the truth.
  3. Door Knocking still works in this country. Here are some great tips! When you go, leave extra material with the neighbors you hope to teach.
  4. Evangelism Table Have material readily available where your members can easily access material to study with friends.
  5. Carry Material With You Be prepared. Leave material at the table at restaurants, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and hotel rooms. You never know who may stumble upon something that will touch their heart.
  6. Tract Racks in Businesses Do you have members that own a business? Ask them to put up a small tract rack on a counter or in a waiting room and make it their job to keep it stocked.