One of the great things about House to House/Heart to Heart (HTH) is the ability to customize the information that appears on your back page.

The back page of HTH is a great way to get a message out to your community. A few things you might submit:

  • A personalized article from your minister, or another member.
  • An ad for Bible Study materials that you offer on a regular basis.
  • An ad for dated events (see below).
  • An introduction of a new minister, elders, or deacons.
  • An ad for radio, TV, church website, or Internet evangelism

If you do not have an article or event that you would like to feature, we have standard articles and promotions to use.

Gospel meetings, VBS, special Sundays, homecomings, and community events are great opportunities for evangelism. Use the back of HTH to advertise them to your neighbors. Be sure to check the print schedule so the issue will arrive before the event. If you submit the basic information, we will design the promotion at no extra charge. If you submit your own artwork, it needs to be high-quality, and free from any copyright violations.

Here’s an example from the Hillcrest Church of Christ:

The word count for an article is about 250-300 words for one column or 600-650 words for the entire back page. All articles will be professionally edited. Customized graphics or text are in grayscale. We can resize graphics if needed. We do not include any costs associated with any materials, services, or programs you advertise.

Here’s an example from the Summerville church of Christ

The best way to submit custom materials is to email them to You may also submit materials through our support website: Fax, phone call, or physical mail are less reliable methods for submitting material, so we do not recommend them.