Long Drive to get HTH in Cambodia

We mailed the April issue of House to House to a church in Cambodia. This was the first time anyone in that country has received House to House/Heart to Heart. I recently asked their preacher if he had received the copies. He said no. I thought that would be the end of it and it was a waste of the copies and a missed opportunity.

Instead, he went to his local post office to look into it. They told him the copies had been held up in customs in the capital . . . 6 hours away.

We have so many resources at our fingertips that we might say, “That’s too far. Forget it.”

You know what he did? He drove 6 HOURS to get the copies! He was so excited when he got back that he made this post on Facebook:

From Phanat Ouch with the Battambang church of Christ in Cambodia: “The church in Battambang have our very own HTH publication now! I had to drive 6 hrs to the capital in PP to sign off some paperwork with customs at the Post office to bring it back to BTB, but so worth it! Thanks to Tim McElroy for introducing me to Matt Wallin and the HTH team and for making this possible in Cambodia. Let’s see what God does with this in Battambang.” 

Door Knocking, Sullivan Village

“Here is our door knocking crew today. Handed out over 500 House to House publications! Thank you all for braving the heat to sow the seed! To God be the glory!”

Letter to the Hoover Church of Christ in Hoover, Alabama

The Hoover Church of Christ received a letter complimenting the “wonderful, faith-provoking instrument which I found in my mailbox yesterday.” 

This came from a member at the Presbyterian church who said that they were also sharing it with their “pastor.”

HTH often opens doors that would normally be closed to the gospel, making a good impression of the church in the community.

Baptist Preacher Fired for Using HTH in His Bulletin, Eastern Kentucky

Jamie reports, “Thought I would share something you would find interesting! I was back home visiting family in Eastern Kentucky. The small congregation is struggling with only about 30 folks attending, but they had used HTH. A Freewill Baptist preacher in the county used HTH in some church bulletins and for preaching. He was fired for teaching ideas he got from HTH. Undaunted, he has called and mentioned to members that he wanted some more issues.”

Responses in Beech Bluff, Tennessee

Be ready to connect with people as they contact you or visit services because of what they have read in HTH. 

Al Price from the Diamond Grove Church of Christ in Beech Bluff, Tennessee reports, “One recipient in the community is completing a BCC. Another is visiting services and in the process of learning the gospel.” 

Bible Class Idea from Lake City, Florida

Lake City Church of Christ is starting a program called ‘On the Right Tract’ in which they train members to use resources provided for them.

We order HTH tracts for the class, and each week we read the tracts and associated verses. We then discuss how to approach someone or how to begin a conversation with someone to discuss the tract. Our intention is to help our congregation feel more comfortable with personal evangelism, and the best way to do that is to educate them. —Kase Britton

Five Responses on the First Day!

From our friend Jody Apple: “The Dahlonega congregation mailed nearly 11,000 copies of House To House in Lumpkin County . . . .  with an ad for World Bible School on the back page. We had five new WBS students sign up the first day.”

Conversions in Washington, D.C.

Sometimes we do not hear about conversions until we run into someone at a lectureship or gospel meeting.

The Georgia Avenue church in Washington, D.C. closed their doors a couple of years ago, but not before they used HTH to have a wonderful conversion that is still growing and affecting others today. 

“When my family attended Georgia Avenue church of Christ a conversion through the mailings happened. One of our dear sisters was reached through those mail­ings. She visited our congregation and was taught and baptized; she continues to serve God today and is a blessing to my family. We also got a chance to study with her aunt . . . her adopted son at the time was taught and obeyed too.”