370 Baptisms!
It has always thrilled my heart to hear of the hundreds of baptisms missionaries report in overseas mission works. I have often wondered why we cannot see these results in the United States. I have heard many excuses over the years—America’s materialism, infidelity, prosperity, immorality, and plain apathy. Satan has done a good job beating down the church in America and making us believe evangelism does not work here. So, is it true that Christians have lost the war in America? I am thankful to report that the answer is a resounding, “No.” The proof is seen in the results of HTHSOE in 2020!
During the past year, HTHSOE has trained 32 congregations in 36 weeks. We crisscrossed states from Idaho to New Hampshire and Texas to Florida. There have been a total of 370 baptisms reported in congregations we have trained. No, this did not happen in India or Africa—it happened in our country, and that during COVID!
There is no doubt this virus has been extremely difficult and painful. We have lost dear friends and seen congregations lose 50 percent or more of their attendance. Sadly, a few congregations have closed their doors while many more have dimmed their lights. In contrast, some congregations saw COVID as an opportunity to evangelize and have grown in spite of it. These results are not antidotal. They are further proof that evangelism works in America.
If you want a COVID-friendly strategy for growth, please contact HTHSOE, and we will get you started. Due to COVID, dates open and close quickly. You never know until you ask if we can get to your congregation sooner or later. We have digital options for those who want to start today. Do not let COVID paralyze your efforts to grow. Do not be satisfied with keeping the aquarium; START FISHING FOR MEN!
All things are possible with God. HTHSOE trained more congregations and recorded more baptisms in 2020 than in 2019. We provide a complete strategy for success from A to Z on reaching the lost in your local community. The model has been proven; now we are ready to multiply it by growing the school. With each passing month, the school becomes more effective as congregations work together to develop local strategies for success. We have some exciting developments underway for 2021. We continue to ask for your prayers and support. Stay tuned!
January Schedule:
8-9:  Personal Evangelism Seminar, East Hill church of Christ, Pulaski, TN
18-21: Personal Evangelism Seminar, East Ridge church of Christ, Chattanooga, TN
22-23:  Personal Evangelism Seminar, Burleson church of Christ, Hamilton, AL
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