The golden ticket of step one (contacts) is the HTHSOE bookmarks. When used correctly, it is a high yield item. The golden ticket of step two (prospects) is Compassion Cards. The power of a handwritten, personalized card is able to reach into the hearts of contacts and cultivates their hearts with the love of Christ and the kindness of the church. When you cannot talk to them, you can still love them.

During the past few years, we have received hundreds of comments and reports about how Compassion Cards have resulted in conversions. Please read the following stories:

“We have had great responses from our cards. Two of our card recipients have attended services for weeks in a row, and another just sent us a sweet card. All three are engaged in Bible studies.” -Town Acres Church of Christ, Indiana

“Darren Kauffman became interested in the church at Beattie Road after reading my newspaper articles. He visited a service and was overwhelmed by the warm welcome he received. He came back the next week because a few members had sent him cards thanking him for visiting. By the next week, he was on our card list for the congregation and began being ‘card bombed.’ The cards meant a lot to him. He kept coming back to services and went to lunch with several different members. From those efforts, I was able to set up a Bible study with Darren, which led to his baptism into Christ. He has been bringing his brother with him to services. Hopefully, we will begin studying with him soon.” – Beattie Road church of Christ, Georgia

“Please continue to welcome our new sister in Christ Amber Paske. She obeyed the gospel call this morning. She also was very appreciative of all the encouragement she has received, and she was blown away by all the cards.” -North Jefferson Church of Christ, Texas

Compassion Cards, when done correctly, are potent. If you want to know how to use this ministry correctly, please click the link below for detailed instructions. Success is in the process, and if you shortchange it, you will get diminished results. We are here to help you reach the lost in your community. Feel free to reach out with questions.