Contacts create prospects and prospects turn into Bible studies. Bible studies produce baptisms, and baptisms are how churches grow. This is the strategy of the House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism. When someone comes forward during the invitation or is baptized during the week, it is almost always connected to an organized Bible study. The rate of conversion using Back to the Bible and Does it Matter is up to 90 percent when they finish the study. God’s Word is the power of God to save (Romans 1:16; Psalm 19:7).

We have been so busy reporting on the training seminars that we have not been able to pass along some of the reports and updates from individual Christians who are using the skills they have learned from HTHSOE. I hope you enjoy the following reports.

Covington church of Christ, Tennessee: Hello Rob, the power of the Gospel is great! This weekend we have had a Gospel meeting with Robby Eversole. On Saturday, we had two baptisms. Brian Eppich is a friend of my daughter. We have been studying with him using Back to the Bible over the past few weeks. Yesterday before the Gospel meeting, we finished the last lesson, and Brian decided he needed to be baptized to wash away his sins. So we went straight to the church building and baptized him about 20 minutes before the service began. After the service last night, another young man, Danny Fields, who has been studying with one of our young men, was also baptized into Christ. We rejoice that we now have two new brothers in Christ. By the way, our Gospel meeting has gone very well also. Robby has delivered some powerful encouraging lessons from God’s word. —Wayne Dalrymple

Grant County church of Christ, Kentucky: I first used Back to the Bible last fall with a woman who had been attending for several years. No one ever took the time to sit down with her and discuss the gospel plan of salvation, let alone the church or religious authority. Her eyes were opened as we used brother Bates’ study guides, and she was baptized September 1.

With one of our teens, we skipped books 1 and 2 because we were having trouble getting an appointment with him. I believe he knew enough of the books 1 and 2 material to go straight to book 3. He was baptized about 45 minutes into the study. His sister and twin brother were just baptized last week, thanks to him and his parents discussing the gospel with them.

So in the past six months the Lord has added four souls to His church. These are the three young people who have recently put on Christ. Martin (far right) was baptized on New Year’s Eve; Vivian (middle) last Tuesday; and Grant (far left) on Wednesday after classes. They also went to CYC this past weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of Miss Norma who was baptized in September. She began attending after her grandson came to VBS a few years ago and has been very faithful in attendance. I just started here last March, so it has been an interesting battle with Covid, but we are working, and we are growing. – Jason C. Carter

Marietta (Oklahoma) church of Christ: Reporting a Back to the Bible baptism! This one was unique in that the individual requested to go through the material on his own with a follow-up with me afterwards. He said the first booklet was great, the second booklet really got him thinking, and the third booklet convicted him. So thankful for this wonderful evangelism tool!

Cedar Grove, Kentucky: I want to thank you and deliver great news. I baptized a co-worker friend into Christ tonight. His name is Arthur Benzee. So thank you for the motivation and the things you are doing for God. The first person I studied with did not obey, but I have not given up on him. The second did, and we all three are fairly close, so maybe he can see the road others are traveling a little better. To God be the glory. —Ethan Hicks

Beloit church of Christ, Kansas: Brother Rob, I am going to begin teaching a Back to the Bible personal evangelism class during our adult Sunday school starting on March 21. On a side note, Jason’s (the guy I baptized) wife Tara was not interested in doing any kind of Bible study. It has really made it difficult on him to make it to services, and coupled with his work schedule as a county sheriff’s deputy, he has not been in several months. We have talked about it many times after class, and he knew he needed to attend, but being “unequally yoked” was making it difficult.

A few weeks ago, I gave him a copy of Muscle and a Shovel to have her read if she was interested. Several weeks went by, and I had not heard anything. Last night after class was over, he told me, “My wife is not happy with you.” I could not figure out what I could have done, but he told me she had read Muscle in one sitting one night earlier this week. She had been blissfully ignorant of the truth, and now that she has been confronted with it, it has shaken her to the core. She began to ask Jason questions—even questions about baptism—and if he could do it when she was ready. He didn’t have answers to all her questions at that point.

She was so shaken by the reading that she had two other local couples start reading it, and she is also going to have her parents read it, from my understanding. I told Jason we need to strike when the iron is hot and get her into a study as soon as possible. We will do the Does it Matter booklet with her if she is willing. I am trying to get contact information on the other two couples so I can see if they have questions and set up studies with them.

I was so excited last night after I talked to Jason and did not want to go to sleep. I am still excited about the possibilities and evangelistic opportunities that are opening up. Just thought you would like to know. —Dustin Doughtery