Dear Friends,

On October 13, 2019, we conducted a Personal Evangelism campaign for the Fayetteville (GA) church of Christ. A campaign takes the basic seminar and adds three Back to the Bible booklets as separate lessons. We focus on non-Christians when preaching BTTB.

During the last night, one young man was baptized and another lady was pricked in the heart. Her name is Dyan Correll, and she was a deaconess with a Pentecostal group. I saw the tears running down her face during the invitation. One of the Fayetteville elders, Tommy Durden, continued to work with her. She was baptized two months later!

Recently I asked Dave Rogers, preacher for the Fayetteville Church of Christ, to give us an update. He wrote,

“In the past several months we have had a total of 14 baptisms, including four since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. The stay-at-home orders and social distancing have certainly affected our ability to visit in homes, but the upheaval in our society has opened some doors for us as well! Several of our members have begun using the BTTB materials with family members and close friends, and they are becoming more comfortable with conducting personal Bible studies as a result. We are hopeful that this momentum will continue (increase!) when things begin to open up later in the year.”

Wow, 14 baptisms in nine months! Perhaps you think this is just a one-time occurrence, but it is not. Other congregations are experiencing similar results. Show me a congregation that is growing, and I will show you a congregation that is doing Bible studies.

We just arrived home from our long trip to West, TX. It was a very productive trip. The Eisenhower congregation in Odessa, TX received the training with great zeal. God is blessing this work! We are thankful to God for his continued care as thus far we have remained in good health. We have a few days to rest before we conduct an Advanced Lesson at the Bridgeport (AL) church of Christ (July 19). If you would like to check out the schedule, just visit our website at

God Bless,

Rob Whitacre, HTHSOE Director