Greetings Soul Winners!  COVID is a scary disease, but sin is even worse. Souls are in desperate need of the gospel, and the church of Christ is their only hope. Now more than ever, Christian soldiers are needed to evangelize. The House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism stands ready to train and teach. We have covered over 5,500 miles and 11 states in the past month helping six congregations focus on our most important mission on earth.

In 2019, we conducted a two-day Personal Evangelism Seminar at the Morganton church of Christ, Georgia. Their preacher, Roy Conner, took the principles from the seminar and focused the congregation on local evangelism. Within hours, a participant in the seminar was baptized. In the following months, they have baptized those from denominational churches, community churches, and the unchurched. The results have been incredible. Roy sent this report a few days ago:

“The confidence that we as a congregation in terms of evangelism is strong due to the seminar from 2019. Since the seminar, we have had around 20 baptisms . . . Our most recent baptism began with a phone call regarding an issue of House to House/Heart to Heart. That conversation led to several more talks and then a Bible study. In a span of a week and a half, we went through the BTTB lessons, and at the end of lesson 3, we were heading to the building. I suspect with all the chaos going on around us that the “Jesus business” will pick up, and the seminar would serve as a great tool for preparation for any congregation that seeks to help the lost.”

We pray God will continue to allow this work to grow and reach congregations all over the land. Evangelism must remain the focus of the church. We continue to pray that God will turn these difficult times into a blessing to reach even more souls. If you would like more information about the House to House School of Evangelism or evangelism materials, please contact us today.

Seeking the Lost,

Rob Whitacre, Director, HTHSOE