Greetings Soul Winners! I wanted to pass along some great news. Our first seminar post-Covid was held at the Covington Church of Christ just north of Memphis on June 12-13. The attendance was a mixture of virtual and physical presence. We were very impressed by the spirit of the elders and the hospitality of the congregation. We feel they have a bright future. I received this note from one of their elders a few days ago and wanted to pass it along:

“Hey Rob, I just received your update email. That’s wonderful news about the conversions! We are getting the word out and encouraging everyone in our congregation here in Covington to be more evangelistic. Jeff started going through the booklets on Sunday evening. We had a family visit Sunday morning for the first time who have been a part of two different denominations (husband – Baptist; wife – Methodist), but they have not attended anywhere in a good while. They just decided to check us out. We had another young lady to visit Sunday night who is looking for a new church, so she was there for the first part of Book 1 that Jeff presented. Please pray that we can reach these people with the gospel. Also, one of our members who were not able to attend the seminar in person but watched the live stream has asked if her email could be added to the list. Her name is LaVerne Baxter. Thanks for all you do. We are praying for you and your family and the work. Have a great day. – Wayne, Covington church of Christ.”

Please pray about these contacts and for the Covington Church of Christ as they seek to develop an evangelistic culture.

This week we conducted two Advanced Personal Evangelism lessons at Hope, Arkansas, and we are currently visiting with Sister Wilma Bates in Stephenville, TX. We will visit with the Hico church of Christ this evening to give a lesson on evangelism, and head to Odessa, Texas, to conduct a full Seminar at the Eisenhower congregation.

We continue to get reports on Bible studies and conversions. Next week we plan to highlight the Fayetteville Church of Christ in Georgia. You will be amazed by what has happened since the seminar last fall! We ask for your prayers during our travels.

God Bless,
Rob Whitacre, Director