An American Mission Trip – Report

We need missionaries in America. Our nation is crumbling before our eyes. There is a direct link between the exaltation of any nation and the righteousness of its citizenry (Proverbs 14:34).  More Christians (not Republicans and Democrats) are the key to returning our nation to its godly heritage.

This is why the work of HTHSOE is so important. Each year, HTHSOE dedicates some resources to training small and remote congregations within our own borders. This year, we spent time in Omaha, Nebraska; Buhl, Idaho; and made a quick stop in Arnold, Missouri. The following report covers 5,920 miles and 21 days.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Jonny Royal graduated from the Memphis School of Preaching in 2019 and has been trying to establish a congregation in Omaha. This is a city with a population of 1.3 million people in and around it. Sadly, there are very few congregations of our Lord where Christians can worship. Right now, about 15 Christians meet in a rented office space seeking to establish a congregation.

We spent several days training and equipping the saints to evangelize. Before departing, we spent Saturday demonstrating the principles. We knocked several doors of those who recently moved near them using the New Movers program by HTH and left baskets along with an invitation to visit. Additionally, we sent cards to non-Christians to generate local contacts. I believe this was our first ever seminar where we had 100% attendance. Jonny wrote the following when I was on the way home:

“Hey brother. Things are going great. Two weeks of cards sent now, and the congregation is still very encouraged. We have been going over Back to the Bible on Wednesday nights. Every Wednesday night before we study Back to the Bible, I mention a few thoughts about “fishing for men.”

During the seminar, another congregation visited.  One of their deacons wrote this the next week:

“Jonna Sue and I really enjoyed attending your seminar in West Omaha. I have tried to hit the ground running. I am a dental hygienist and saw a patient last week who was wearing a necklace with a cross on it. This led to a conversation about spiritual matters that led to an invitation to church. Her husband and young daughter came with her to church yesterday. I treated them to lunch afterwards with other members of the church. She indicated she will be coming to church next Sunday. I believe there will be a Bible study in the near future. I will be setting up a table in the foyer under my evangelism/missions bulletin board next to the church office. I hope to advertise the House to House School of Evangelism and enroll as many members as I can talk to each week. . . . I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have met you.”  — Rob McIntosh
Our next stop was in Buhl, Idaho, where Britton Bidigare preaches; he is also a 2019 MSOP graduate. There are a total of five congregations in the valley around the Twin Falls area. Thankfully all five were able to come. In fact, the Kimberly congregation where Payton Hoskins (MSOP, 2019) preaches attended every evening. The attendance was outstanding, and the level of interest was high. During the last session I was able to meet with the men of the congregation, and they committed to focus on soul saving.

During the week I met a lady who owned the local creamery in Buhl. We frequented it almost every day for ice-cream. On our last visit, she began to ask about COVID and if it was in the book of Revelation. Several members of the congregation were with me, so I thought this would be a great example of how to get into a Bible study. First, I deferred every question and did not allow her sincere desire for answers to become a debate. Second, I hesitated as she mentioned multiple religious errors. Third, I tried to learn as much as I could to lead her to a Bible study, replying, “This is a great question; it is obvious you read your Bible as most people don’t even know enough to ask these questions.” I learned she was a Lutheran but was not a long-term member. I finally asked her if it would be okay to come back and show her the answer. I cannot wait to hear how this turns out!

On our way home, COVID reared its ugly head in Kansas where we were scheduled to speak. We made a quick change to do some Advanced Evangelism training at Arnold. It was great to see this congregation after just over a year from our initial training. They have had several baptisms and are working hard to reach souls. I was able to teach a brand-new advanced lesson titled “30 Effective Evangelism Tips.”

It was nice to get home, but we are now preparing to travel to River Bend in Dalton, Georgia. Please pray for this work. The school is growing, and we have some exciting new things to announce soon. If you want to enroll as an individual Christian or congregation, go to our website: We just updated our curriculum!

In His Service,
Rob Whitacre, Director HTHSOE