There are many ideas about how to effectively reach out to local communities. I receive texts, messages, emails, and calls on a weekly basis from good-hearted brethren who are filled with passion to reach lost souls. My first question is always, “How many baptisms have resulted from this approach?” We do not work for the sake of working. Our work should be intentional and focused on producing results for the King of kings. I would never want to discourage a good work, but our time is limited, and we must redeem it while we can, for the time is coming when no man can work (John 9:4).

HTHSOE is not based upon a theory. It is a working model that takes proven techniques based upon scriptural principles and seeks to multiply it all over the United States. If it did not produce, we would not promote it. The approach is simple and based upon ten scriptural, simple, and successful steps. To date, HTHSOE has trained eight congregations this year. In February, we worked with the Oxford, Mercedes Drive, and North Tuscaloosa churches of Christ. All three congregations completely embraced the training and engaged immediately. Please read their own words below.

Oxford: “Well, one of my deacons took your messages to heart. He and his wife finished Bible study number three tonight. I just left the church building after a baptism at 12:30 PM tonight/this morning. They taught their new daughter-in-law. I’ll fill you in with more detail soon. They used Back to the Bible!”

Mercedes Drive: “Immediately after the school of evangelism seminar, the eldership started organizing an action plan. There was no time to lose. Materials were purchased before the seminar ended, and a few days later a table was on display near the front entrance in a high traffic, readily visible, easily accessible location. A room was designated for additional evangelism materials, including compassion cards. Members began recommending compassion card recipients midway through the seminar, so by Sunday night a short list of compassion cards was organized and ready. One brother watching services from home, after hearing the instructions for the compassion cards during the Sunday evening sermon, actually drove to the building to get cards for his family to fill out and send. A class for new converts was already needed, so Sunday afternoon one of the elders led the first meeting of that study.”

On Monday and Tuesday nights, the elders met to formulate a more organized and long-term action plan regarding compassion cards, visitor identification, training brethren to use Back to the Bible, and developing mentors for new converts. For the compassion cards, specific men were selected to help in sharing the work of organizing and executing the effort as efficiently as possible. For visitor identification, specific families were identified to be the primary welcome wagon for visitors, and specific ladies were designated to organize the welcome bags.

Less than a week after the seminar, it was announced that the Back to the Biblebooklets would be taught in class form beginning on the following Wednesday. The plan is being explained and emphasized, keeping the church’s focus on souls. The fields are white. The members are motivated. The elders are leading. The plan is moving. The future is bright. To God be the glory.”

North Tuscaloosa: “North Tuscaloosa has actively gotten about the business of personal evangelism. There is an excitement within the church family. Currently at least two Bible studies are active, with plans for many more! An evangelism table is in a prominent place in our foyer, and we have multiple bulletin boards dedicated to souls! New mover baskets and visitor bags are prepped and ready! The community will be served in an outreach effort of service on Saturday, March 6. God bless our fishing for men!”

The HTHSOE approach is results-oriented. If we do the right kind of work, we know the end results. It is “God who gives the increase” (1 Corinthians 3:7). If a work you are doing at the local congregation is not commission-orientated, perhaps it should be shut down and retooled. Jesus gave us one mission before He ascended. We are to teach the gospel to every person (Mark 16:15). Jesus also gave the one and only result that matters. “He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:16).