A Stateside Mission Effort

As I write this, my family is preparing for our biggest stateside mission work to date. Each year, we plan to dedicate some time to focus on mission fields in America. Certainly, the Midwest and West qualify. On Monday, September 21, we left to train three congregations in Nebraska, Idaho, and Kansas. I would like to introduce these congregations and a few of their preachers/members to highlight their work.

First, meet Jonny and Katie Royal. We met Jonny’s family in a door-knocking effort using House to House/Heart to Heart while working with the Willette congregation. The conversion of this family has resulted in six baptisms directly and dozens indirectly. Jonny attended the Memphis School of Preaching and graduated a year ago. He and Katie have spent most of their time starting a congregation in Omaha, Nebraska. We are thankful to introduce you to the West Omaha church of Christ. (See above Jonny, Katie, and the new congregation.) We cannot wait to train these soldiers of the cross to engage the devil and begin winning souls for the Lord.

Second, meet Britton and Madison Bidigare. Britton graduated from the Memphis School of Preaching with Jonny and moved to Buhl, Idaho, to begin his first preaching work. While he was at MSOP, we were invited to conduct the HTHSOE Advanced Training Seminar. Britton took this message to heart. He has baptized five into Christ. Now the church is ready for HTHSOE to train the entire congregation. Getting the whole church involved in soul-saving is the key to growth!

Third, meet Dustin Dougherty.  Dustin and the Beloit Church of Christ in Kansas went through the HTHSOE course by using the digital option. Dustin then began winning souls.  He baptized his wife earlier this year and recently baptized one of their friends. The congregation invited us to do follow-up lessons and help solidify the evangelism training. We cannot wait to meet them!

Churches of Christ in America face a defining moment in our history. In an average year, our losses are heavy, but this year, they are going to be catastrophic. We must engage the enemy, and that enemy is not COVID. The enemy is the one who is using COVID to create fear, panic, and apathy among our ranks. It is vital that Christians rise up and evangelize. We pray the HTHSOE training will better equip saints to wage the war for souls, and that the light of Christ will be seen brightly throughout the land. Please keep our family in your prayers as we will be covering thousands of miles.

In His Service,
Rob Whitacre, Director HTHSOE