HTHSOE Visitor Training Cards
Written by Rob L. Whitacre
Training church members is one of the most important aspects of congregational training. If the members do not understand where they are going and how to get there, they cannot help the church.  In fact, they might even work against its best interests. As part of HTHSOE training, we have designed training cards on the processes for carrying out the six steps model. The most efficient process in our contact step is learning how to treat visitors.
The visitor training card is the second in the series. It is designed as a tool to place in the hands of every member. It demonstrates how each process fits into the overall model. It provides the teacher an outline. It gives practical information for application.
Here are some suggestions on how to use it.

  • Sunday Bible class or the second Sunday worship service is a great time to use HTHSOE training cards.
  • Distribute a card to every member so all members can have one in their hands during the training lesson.
  • Watch the YouTube lesson: “Visitors the Welcome Wagon.”
  • Review the Visitor training sheet on
  • After the training, create your visitor team and assign families for the work.
  • Ensure visitor bags are created. You can use the suggested items list on the card.
  • Add the cards on your evangelism table after the training.

Do not assume distributing this card or even adding a training lesson will guarantee success.  Training is a continuous process. The elders need to assign a visitor group coordinator and ask members who are suitable to this kind of work to be a part of this soul saving work. Visitors represent the highest baptism percentage of all contacts. Be intentional about it and your local congregation will be rewarded with new growth.

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