Tips for Using Back to the Bible

Back to the Bible is the tool of the century. It was written by Bobby Bates during his time at the Bear Valley School of Preaching. He tested it with his students during campaigns. Each question is written with great thought and designed for one purpose: Conversion. Objections are addressed throughout, and Brother Bates uses the art of persuasion to perfection. The result is a Bible study that has up to a 90 percent conversion rate. Over the past 25 years, there are a few things I have learned about using Back to the Bible that will help you become more effective.

First, use Back to the Bible as a personal Bible study. Passing out the booklets to use as a correspondence course is not effective. If your only option is to send a Bible study in the mail, then why not use the House-to-House/Heart-to-Heart correspondence courses written by Allen Webster? Back to the Bible works best when you can sit down and study one-on-one so you can connect emotionally and react intellectually in person.

Second, Back to the Bible is for those who believe in the Bible. Any tool, to be effective, must be used as designed. If someone does not believe in God, the Bible, or Christ, you need to use Believe the Bible.

Third, Back to the Bible requires an open Bible. Please do not print out all the verses to make it easier and faster. Allowing prospects to turn the pages of their own Bible helps them to develop a working knowledge that will grow into faith. As they learn where the books are located and develop the ability to read and understand, their confidence will increase.

Fourth, learn when and how to use illustrations. Recently we published Evangelism Visualized to provide illustrations of difficult concepts and to overcome commonly held errors. If an illustration is not needed, do not use it. If the prospect’s ears struggle to understand the words, let him see the teaching with his eyes. Jesus used illustrations through parables, and they were powerful and convicting.

Fifth, let the study do the work. The more talking that you do, the less effective you become. The power is in the Word of God and not your gift of gab. If God can create the world with His Word, He can touch the heart of man. David wrote, “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul” (Psalm 19:7).

Back to the Bible still works because the Bible still works. It is not a gimmick. It is not a substitute. It is an organized approach to reason from the Scriptures. Learn how to use it. Fill out your copy. Practice with other Christians. Study with sinners and enjoy watching them come to the Cross.

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