Bible Studies: Evangelism Tables

What should go on our evangelism table? We use a list in our School of Evangelism to help congregations set up their table. 

  • Display the materials you have purchased on an evangelism table
  • Task someone with the job of preparing and maintaining an  evangelism table.
  • Place this table in a highly visible and trafficked area.
  • Ensure the table remains stocked with the tools needed to  evangelize. Reorder as needed.
  • Ask your preacher to present a lesson on the materials to explain the purpose of each tool.
  • Highlight these tools in your bulletin. Consider writing a summary of one tool each week.
  • Order a Table Cover to highlight it. Recommended site: The following suggestions will help you know how and whereto place these materials.
  • Back to the Bible: Copies should be placed on the evangelism  table for members to use in studies.
  • Back to the Bible Teacher’s Edition: Given to each person for  training. Place extra copies on the evangelism table.
  • Does it Matter Booklet: Evangelism table.
  • DVD’s: Evangelism table. Store extra copies in the evangelism room.
  • Door Hangers: Evangelism Table. Store extra copies in the  evangelism room.
  • Acts Workbook: Evangelism room. Use it with new converts or  Bible classes.
  • Believe the Bible: Evangelism table.
  • Fishing for Men: Give copies to those who will be teachers.
  • Growing in Christ: Give copies to those who will be keepers.
  • Evangelism Simplified: Give copies to members and keep copies on the evangelism table.
  • Evangelism Visualized: Give copies to those who will be teachers
  • Congregational Evangelism USB: Make this available to all  leaders and members for more training.
  • How to Close a Study: Give a copy to each teacher.
  • Recipes for Evangelism: Give copies to all sister teachers. Also  use this book for a ladies’ class.
  • Evangelism Bookmarks: Give a copy to each member. Keep  copies on the Evangelism table.
  • Compassion Cards: Store in the evangelism room. Organize and label cards according to category.
  • Old and New Testament Simplified: Evangelism room. Use with   new converts or Bible classes.
  • HTHSOE Training Cards: Give copies to each member; place  extra copies on the evangelism table.
  • Reaching the Lost: Give copies to the leadership.

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