Contacts: Trunk or Treat

Congregational events and activities abound, but many have little evangelistic emphasis. Until congregations focus their energy on seeking and saving the lost (Luke 19:10), we will not resemble the Son of God. His mission must become our mission.

Events like “Trunk or Treat” provide opportunities to make contacts to win souls. Each October, a congregation can reach out to the community and invite families to enjoy kindness in a safe environment. What other event during the year provides a local congregation with more sinners coming to an activity?

Here are a few suggestions to turn upcoming gatherings and activities into opportunities to save souls!

Advertise your event in the community.House to House/Heart to Heart can do this by placing your ad on the back page. If sinners do not know you provide a wholesome event for children and families, they cannot come. Make flyers to pass out, use the local paper when helpful, announce the event in the bulletin, use all social media platforms, and never forget the power of personal invitations.

Target visitors by providing an atmosphere that allows you to hit the bullseye. Creating a situation where a sinner stays, sits, and talks is very important. A bonfire with hay bales, a chili contest, a meal in the fellowship hall, and trunk or treat in the parking lot are excellent contact creators. Consider advertising a community meal with a contest: “Bring Your Best Soups.”

Train your members! Each Christian should be looking for contacts. Teach everyone how to approach guests. Every effort should be made to sit down and get to know them. Prolonged dialogue will open doors to areas of need. Equip each member with HTHSOE contact cards to record information. Contacts are only contacts when you have a name, address, and phone number. Be prepared for success.

Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! Provide some literature or a DVD for each person who comes. Send a text, visit personally, and add names to your compassion card list. Contacts are step one. Bible studies (step 3) require prospecting (step 2).

Evangelism is not complicated. It is a way of life and does not require dramatic changes from our normal routines. It just requires focus so we can use regularly scheduled activities to create contacts and then cultivate them into Bible studies. HTHSOE does not seek to change the work you are doing. We seek to focus the church on her soul-saving mission, which can even include Trunk or Treat!

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