Bible Studies: Digital Studies
New – Back to the Bible
By Rob Whitacre

Be honest. You cannot conduct a personal Bible study with every contact. Some live too far away, and others seem to avoid personal contact. A virtual personal study should be the second step, and a digital study should be the third. A digital study does not allow for interaction but provides privacy, time, and a more comfortable atmosphere.

Enrolling in House to House/Heart to Heart School of Evangelism gives Christians access to our latest and most innovative tools. World Video Bible School has asked me to produce several digital studies. The first was Does It Matter, a 60-minute Bible study. The second was Believe the Bible for those who doubt God, the Bible, and/or Christ. The third is based on the generational tool Back to the Bible. Each one of these can be viewed for free or distributed in a variety of formats.

Here are a few tips for your consideration:

  • You can view them ahead of time by going to
  • Some people will not access a website, even upon invitation; mailing or handing them a DVD or a card with a QR code may be the best option.
  • Make the DVD/Cards/Door Hangers available to church members on the evangelism table. Having something in their hands makes it more likely they will follow through.
  • On the back of the DVD cover sleeve is a QR code for those who do not want to use DVD players.
  • Use generic contact information on the backside of anything you hand out. We suggest creating something that uses your location, like
  • Ask each member to mail a DVD/Card to a contact and include a personal note.
  • Let the congregation know you will mail it to prospects for them if they provide the address.
  • Follow up the mailing by contacting the recipient.
  • Use the door hangers of each study when you go door-knocking.
  • Have the study books available for use with the video.

These digital studies are inexpensive. Let us know if you need any; we will gladly ship them. Although a digital study is less effective than a personal Bible study or a virtual study, it is more effective than a correspondence course, book, or tract. Not all church members can conduct Bible studies, but all Christians can offer a digital study.

If you need more information on the three booklet study series or the new training/evangelistic video, please contact me at: