Welcome to Reaching the Lost: Strategies for Success which is sent out each Friday to equip and train soul winners with strategies that have proven effective among congregations of the Lord. While the Wednesday Reaching the Lost – Success Stories highlights congregations who are using these tools, Strategies for Success focuses on “how to” aspects of evangelism. These come in the form of articles, charts, and videos. We hope you enjoy them each week.
Welcome Wagon
In 2021, we had 649 baptisms officially recorded. This means we can record the details, including the name of congregation, and the name of the person baptized. No doubt, this number is smaller than the actual count, but it gives a baseline for analytics. In studying the data, we learned that the largest source of baptisms is from visitors.

Sadly, in our travels we have found few congregations have a successful strategy for visitors. This training is emphasized in the HTHSOE model. While most congregations are warm and friendly, that is not a strategy for success with visitors. Visitors need much more if they are going to be prospected into a Bible study. The right approach has a high rate of success.

Visitors are the easiest contacts to prospect. Congregations who are not prepared to approach a visitor are losing out on about 50 percent of their annual baptisms. In this short 1-minute video, we review the HTHSOE visitor strategy. If you want to know more, just contact us.