Welcome to Reaching the Lost – Strategies for Success. This tool is sent out each Friday morning to equip and train soul winners with strategies that have proven effective among congregations of the Lord. While our Wednesday Reaching the Lost – Success Stories report highlights congregations who are using these tools, Strategies for Success is focused on the “how to” aspects of evangelism. These will come in the form of articles, charts, and videos. We hope you enjoy them each week.
Evangelism Strategies

If we took the local evangelism strategies of many congregations and applied them to workplaces, most of the workers would lose their jobs or end up in bankruptcy. Before Jesus sent out the seventy, He equipped them with a strategy for success. The church of Christ was created to be a soul-saving army. No army goes into battle without being equipped and trained with a strategy for victory.

HTHSOE teaches seven principles for effective evangelism. The first three are easy to learn and remember, but they are hard to practice. In fact, they are counter cultural in the church of Christ, especially among preachers.

In this short 1-minute video, let us review those three steps. If you want to know more, just contact us. Rob@housetohouse.com