House to House/Heart to Heart is an active publication, not a passive one. One of the main purposes of the program is to generate contacts in your community. Here are some of the things you can expect, and how you can follow up with them.

Bible Quiz: On page five of HTH, there is always a Bible quiz. People fill this out and send it in to you. You can grade the quiz and send them back a bookmark, which comes with your box of extras. Better yet, hand deliver it, along with a goodie basket. Invite them to worship, and start building a relationship to pursue a Bible study.

Free Material Request: On page six, people can request additional material. The tracts and booklets are in your box of extras. For Bible studies, you can use what you have on hand or purchase material to send them.

Free Back Page Material: Some issues of HTH include a giveaway item, such as a poster. A supply of these comes in your box of extras. Hand deliver it to their door for better results.

Website Contacts: People may come to your website or the HTH site to make a request. If they come to the HTH site, we send what they ask for and pass that contact on to you through our new contact system. The system includes a map and a basic how-to video.

Emails, Phone Calls, Visitors: Be friendly, inviting, and ready for people who contact you. Always greet people with a smile (even on the phone; it comes through in your voice), and let them know that they have found the place where Christ’s people dwell. Bible Study Request: Our favorite contact is when people let us know that they would like some kind of a Bible study. If they contact us, we will get with the local contact and pass that study on to you.

—Luke Griffin