Using Believe the Bible
Written by Rob L Whitacre

It has been two years since the first release of the three-lesson Bible study series titled, Believe the Bible. Since its inception, the need for this tool has grown rapidly due to our godless culture. There are more and more people who are not ready for Back to the Bible and Does It Matter. They are missing one or more of the three Pillars of Faith (God, Bible, Christ). This is a new study designed to fill the gaps of the great tools of past generations, but it is requires training because it is more difficult to use.

Back to the Bible is easy to use; you open a Bible and answer the questions directly from Scripture. Believe the Bible is more challenging—even intimidating. It requires special training in the field of Apologetics. Therefore, earlier this year, I went to the studios of World Video Bible School to film Believe the Bible. We were pleased with the results. The video serves two purposes: It trains soul winners to use the booklets, and it serves as a standalone digital Bible study for unbelieves and skeptics. The video is available as a DVD (with a QR code on the back) or a door hanger (with QR code). The following suggestions are provided regarding its use:

  • First, get a set of Believe the Bible for all those from middle school to adults and distribute one set for each person.
  • Second, watch the training video as a congregation so everyone can fill out the booklets, or have a teacher use our free PowerPoints to guide everyone through the booklets. Training is important when introducing a new tool.
  • Third, ensure extra sets of Believe the Bible are on your evangelism table.
  • Fourth, obtain the new Believe the Bible DVD’s and doorhangers to use in your personal evangelistic efforts or for congregational door knocking.
  • Fifth, only use Believe the Bible if required, and use only those lessons needed. For example, if a person believes in God but not the Bible, start with “Lesson B: Bible Inspiration.”

Since the release of Believe the Bible, many soul winners have told us how it helped the prospect to build faith before proceeding to a study like Back to the Bible. Dozens of conversions have been reported in Reaching the Lost: Success Stories, that began with Believe the Bible. Now is the time to begin training your congregation on how to use it.

If you need more information on the three booklet study series or the new training/evangelistic video, please contact me at: